How To Make Hair Soft : Ask IMBB Gang

Ask IMBB Gang
Hi, I am Shilpa.

I stay in Noida.Ground water here is very very hard and it is harming my hair a lot,like premature greying and hair fall.Β  Can anybody plz help me with a home remedy to make hard water soft?


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  1. conditioner and a serum will do the best
    use some kind of hair masque and atleast one a week massage your hair wt almond/olive oil

  2. If you have a dry hair, then use hair serum. I used to use Biosilk and after that Livon. Using conditioner in hard water is difficult as it won’t go off completely and you end up with a sticky hair, followed by dandruff. Try to use the natural conditioner like egg or even olive oil. It is difficult, I know, but we had hard water when i was living in chennai.

  3. A simple hair tip to make hair soft is to apply curd in your hair once a week. leave it for 15-20 mins and wash it off. your hair would be soft and nice. :))

    1. hi Rati

      I want to know the procedure to apply curd on the hair. i mean should we oil our hair the previous night or should our hair be completely dry. also do we need to wash off the pack with plain water or shampoo after rinsing the pack. Plz do let me knoe about some gentle shampoos as i have dry n frizzy hair. :-))

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  5. Yeah, hard water makes ur hair really dry, unruly and damaged which leads towards hair fall. It is because residue of the shampoo n conditioners which we use in hard water remains in the hair and together the reaction with hard water makes hair damaged. U can rinse ur hair with apple cider vinegar after wash, as it is acidic, it will balance the pH of ur hair n make them soft. As said above, try using natural conditioners n there r few clarifying shampoos present in market. N as far as hard water is concerned fit good water filters to the tap. It should work πŸ™‚

    1. I AM NOT A COLORS VIEWER :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: I am just very well informed thanks to Rati’s love for Veer :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  6. hi rati..thx fr posting my query
    and ……thx to all of u fr valuable comments and tips………

    hi sneha…..can u plz tell me where do i get apple cider vinegar from…?any specific brand?is it easily available in departmental store??

    hi smitha…..thx fr the plinks……..

    and can anybody plz tell if if adding alum to hard water makes it soft…..??and hw to add it….???

    1. Hey shilpa…. alum means aluminium sulphate is used to remove turbidity of water… u can simply boil the water for removing primary biological and physical impurities….and you can try parashut theraphy hair oil costing around Rs. 99… twice in week before washing hair… and a good conditioner can help… :snicker:

    1. Hi Shilpa…

      I do it after shampooing, its supposed to wash out all harmful chemicals.

      You can try the mayo method or Beer method too.

      Mayo –
      Cover your hair with mayonaisse for 20-30 minutes before shampooing. It leaves hair soooft and silky.

      Beer –
      In the showe, after shampooing, pour beer over wet hair, rinse lightly with water, your hair will look shiny and feel soft. This was also said in paper by Malaika Arora, she said something like she uses her hubbys party left over beers for this. Dunno if she was kidding or not, but it really works.

  7. Water Purifiers or RO systems can make hard water soft to an extent….but to take bath with purified water you will be needing a system installed in your main water tank on top of the house!!!!!!a bit too much…. πŸ˜€ so better option would be to take care of your hair…cheaper and gud in the long run!… :yes:

    1. hi anupam……i agree on ro systems cost….but thats my ques is…hw to take care of ur hair….wen u have no option but to wash ur hair with hard water

  8. smitha…..thx….can u plz share little more details about baking soda wash…??like do u mix it with water…?and does it make hair extremely dry….??
    and i tried beer method…it jst didnt suit me…and mayo make smy oily hair super oily…

    1. Sure.

      How i use it is , i shampoo normally, then i take about one spoon (amount depends on your hair length) (my hair is mid back length and somewhat thick) of baking soda powder, i take half the amount and sprinkle of it on my head , i rub it a little. Then i take the rest of the powder and rub it on the insides. My hair is on the oilier side, so baking soda makes it normal – never too dry. But it really depends on the type of hair you have. Just try it a couple of times, it might work for you. If u you are saying mayo and beer never worked, maybe this will.
      Are you the same Shilpa ? The Dentist? Who asked some time ago how to have soft hands ? And i recommended baking soda then too πŸ˜›

  9. yes smitha i m the same shilpa…………and baking soda has wrked like wonder fr my dry hands………..and am hoping the same with my hair this time……….thx smith fr sharing………….

        1. NOOOOO !! Not the same.

          Baking powder feels much softer and finer to touch. Baking soda is rough and has comparatively larger granules.

  10. Some things you can do to take care of this problem:

    1. Have ion exchange water softener installed in your home. Do some market research on the softeners that are available in Indian market. Ion exchange softeners can remove permanent hardness
    2. Boil the water or add lime to it. This can remove only temporary hardness. Boiling the water and then cooling leaves it a little softer.
    3. Find shampoos and conditioners that are meant for hard water.

    1. hi sanjeev…..
      ion exhange softener………well i have aquaguard water softener attached to my tap… uses some kind of salt(i guess mix of salt and alum) to make hard water soft…….but i have noticed that it makes my hair have salt residue after some time so i have stopped using it………can u recommend any brand fr water softener………..

      secondly…..shamposs and conditioners meant for hard water……..i dont knw any… u knw any such brand…..??

      do reply…..

  11. you can use mineral water – drinking water if you are extremely conerned.
    you can either buy it or purify yourself using not water purifiers like Pure It.
    you can also add alum to the tap water and let it settle this is supposed to settle all the dissolved salts. :-))

    1. hi gayathri…..
      tell me the way to add alum…..powdered or crystal…..and hw much to add?and for how long to let it be there in water………..i mean how to use it……….

    2. gayathri…
      initially i used mineral water…….to wash my hair…..but it was very cumbersome to collect water in buckets and then use it… i finally resorted to tap water,…..

  12. Hey I would advice getting a tap water filter that u can attach to ur tap and get soft pure water.This benefits ur hair and skin since hard water is damaging to both.
    Kent has such a filter for Rs. 2300
    But you may get cheaper alternatives(carbon filters) if u check ur local hardwae stores :-))

  13. πŸ™‚ yes all your remedies for making soft hair is really working coz many friends of mine using beer once a week and there hair really so soft and lustrous. but one more problem people face due to hard water and it is dandruff can any one give a good home remedy to cure dandruff from root,actually sombody told me to use lemon but my hair is too dry am using it after washing my hair as a last rinse due to using lemon i left using conditioners and my hair i saw there starting a split end what shoul i do to get a healthy hair without loosing my hair . ?:-)

  14. Smita, a simple way to make hard water soft is by boiling it. Many of the deposits settle down and you can then just filter the water. If you are already using hot water or geyser, a better thing would be to get shower filters or tap filters at bathroom accessories stores. These filters remove the deposits from the water and there are many varieties available now a days. Get a good quality one. And, you already got the recipes for making your hair soft.

  15. Hey add crystal alum to 2-3 buckets of water (according to your requirement) in the night and use that water for washing your hair in the morning
    or used boiled water or use kent water softner ( for washign machine)

    Apart from all these try putting various pack in your hair like 1.curd and egg, 2. banana, curd, milk and oil blend it and use
    use hair masque
    soak some dry amla in the Night and int he morning filter that and drink the water

    This will surely help as I have faced the same problem and it helped me

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