How NOT to Obstruct Weight Loss

Hey fitness freaks!

We all are trying to become fitter in some way or the other. Most of us are trying to lose weight. We diet, we exercise, but we still don’t have the results. Unknowingly, we obstruct weight loss and therefore, we don’t get the desired result. Let’s look at some way to avoid this obstruction.

Healthy eating

1. Don’t think short term

When we diet, we often think that this is just for a week or for a month. Try making a lifestyle change. If you concentrate on that, it’ll be much easier to achieve best results. Try replacing high calorie food with low calorie food, exercise, eat smaller portions. Seek out support to help and get some encouragement.

2. Go slow and steady

Slow and steady wins the race. This has been said for a reason. Don’t overdo yourself trying to lose a lot of weight fast. Try losing 1 kg per week. If you lose too much too fast, you feel lethargic and your body feels drained. Also when you do this, you’re losing your muscles or water weight rather than fat.

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3. Stop binge-eating

binge eating

It’s easier said than done. We all eat when we’re stressed. I do too, that too lots and I convince myself that I need the energy so I will not gain weight. This is all lie. Take a fun activity such as decorating your room with pictures or walk on the beach to let that stress out. Avoid taking out on your loved ones or spouses. They are trying their best to help you.

4. Eat slow

When you eat slowly, you’re concentrating on what is going in. You enjoy your food. You tend to get full. Also, try eating with chopsticks. The trick is to satisfy your mind rather than satisfying your stomach.

5. Eat high fiber food

high fibre food

Eat food which is low in calorie and high in fibre. In this way, your digestive system is busy for a longer period of time, making you feel fuller for a longer time. Eat fruits, veggies, beans and whole grains.

6. Indulge without overindulging

Eat that ice cream with a low calorie side. For example, have strawberries with your ice cream. While eating, engage your other senses along with your taste. This will keep you happier for a longer time. Also, schedule your treats. Once you’re accustomed to the schedule, your body will not crave them at other times.

7. Prepare good food environment

Now take charge of your meals. Don’t eat late at night. Don’t shop for groceries when hungry, you’ll tend to buy more. Let’s also save a little money girls. Prepare your own meals so you know how much is at stake. Don’t keep tempting snacks around. I’ll give you my example. I bought a box of cereal for my room for times when I wake up late and tend to miss my breakfast. At night I started getting hunger pangs knowing that I can eat the cereal. So in a few days it got over, now I don’t get those hunger pangs anymore.

8. Avoid sugary drinks

Avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol late at night. Alcohol tends to bloat your body and may not give you motivating results (happened with me)!

9. Live healthy

woman workout

Drink more water, exercise, sleep early and wake up early. Basically, all those things you’ve been hearing all your life: do them!

10. Keep yourself motivated

Losing weight is difficult, I know. I have been trying for years now but somehow I manage to gain back. Bad metabolism. Find a way to keep yourself motivated. Check your weight frequently. One advice: don’t check your weight the next day after drinking alcohol, you will get disappointed. Check after a couple of days. I’m waiting for Monday to come for the first time.

All the best, girls! Share your experiences with me. Let’s help each other stay motivated and also Rati Di is a motivation herself. Look at the amount of weight she has lost ever since she started her journey. You’re an inspiration to us all.

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