How Often Should You Indulge in Homemade Beauty Treatments?

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So you like a scrub with oats and milk and you use it everyday but you do a home manicure or pedicure once a month or even an year. Maybe you never do it! Just because homemade beauty treatments are inexpensive and safe, it does not mean we should overdo it. Today I will tell you how often you should do these homemade beauty treatments?


Face masks:

face mask

Frequency: Twice a week

A face mask re-hydrates the face and gives life to a dull looking face. If your skin is oily you can increase the frequency of face masks. So pamper your skin with a face mask that suits your skin and work for your problem areas be it acne, aging, oily skin etc.



Frequency: Twice or thrice a week depending on your skin

This is a very important step of every skin care regime. Exfoliation helps to scrub away dead skin cells and reveals a fresher layer of skin that is cleaner and more glowing. But too much of anything is bad. You should exfoliate thrice a week if you have oily skin with a gentle scrub and once or twice if you have dry or combination skin type.

Hair masks:

hair mask

Frequency: Twice a month

If you want your tresses to be healthy looking, shining and frizz free then you must pamper your hair and scalp with homemade deep conditioning treatments twice a

month. These will help you to have those luscious tresses and maintain the overall quality of hair follicles.



Frequency: Every three to four weeks

This is the time that your skin takes to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. Facials help to get a healthy toned skin. If you want a healthy glow on your face you should do at-home facials in every three to four weeks.


Frequency: Every two to three weeks

Manicures pamper your nails in best possible way. They improve the overall appearance of your hands and they are also important for maintaining a good hygiene. If your nails grow quickly then you can do a manicure in every 10-15 days too.



Frequency: Once a month

A pedicure lasts longer than a manicure so a month pampering should be enough. If you have too much of dry skin around your feet area or calluses then you can have a pedicure done twice a month. You should also use a granulated foot scrub every alternate day to get rid of dead skin cells.



  • You can increase or decrease the frequency of beauty treatments according to your skin condition.
  • The time duration works for both professional as well as homemade beauty treatments.

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  1. I don’t bleach my skin at home but would like to know the frequency. Can you suggest? I don’t have the patience to sit for facials so I maintain CTM, scrubbing and use face packs twice a week. Great post Vandana. 🙂

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