Jeans: How To Select Jeans For Your Body Type

low rise jeans
low rise jeans

How To Select Jeans For Your Body Type

First thing you need to do to select well-fitting jeans is to know your body type. Categorize your body into the slim body type, athletic body type, curvy body types, and full-figured body type. You would also have to pay attention to your height; whether you are tall, medium or short. Not only that, you also need to determine your body shape. Take a measurement tape and measure these three distances carefully:
• Around you bust line (This is also equal to your bra size)
• Around the slimmest part of your waist.
• Around your hip bones.

Depending on which measurement is the highest, your body would be cone-shaped (bustline largest, tapering from bust to hips), pear shaped (hipline widest, bustline smallest), in shape of an hourglass (bustline and hipline same, slimmest in the middle), or a ruler-shaped body.

body types
body types

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You can select different types of jeans to suit different body types:

Skinny Jeans

select jeans and boots
select jeans and boots

The most fashionable style of jeans which you can select to show off your perfect figure. If you have a tall slender body, skinny jeans would show off your long legs. But no matter what your body shape- slim, wide, heavy, tall or petite- you can always select skinny some jeans which are meant for you. Pear shaped women should try dark jeans which do not taper to the ankle tightly otherwise their hips would look wider. They should select straight leg jeans instead. Cone shaped women should not wear pointy-toed shoes with their skinny jeans as it would highlight the tapering even more. If you have a short height do not bunch the jeans at the bottom as it will shorten the height. Women with short height can also wear skinny jeans with heels to give the illusion of height and slender legs. The best way to wear skinny jeans is to couple them with high-heeled boots.

Low-rise jeans

These jeans are worn on the hipline instead of the waist and are suitable for those who have a slim body (shown in the title picture). Women with ‘love handles’ or wide/ heavy hips are not advised to wear low rise jeans. Also, women with short height should not wear these jeans as they make the legs look shorter. These jeans are for the ladies who have those flat abs or those who have a curvy body and they want to highlight it. If you are wearing low rise jeans be careful when you are bending forward as it can expose your buttock area. Try to wear slightly longer tee shirts to overcome this. Cone shaped women should select to wear low rise jeans. Also, low rise jeans are a great way to show off tattoo on your lower tummy or back.

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How To Choose Jeans For Your Body Type


18 thoughts on “Jeans: How To Select Jeans For Your Body Type

  1. Nice article :yes:
    I always had problems buying the perfect jeans….. i always ended up buying straight fit low rise jeans not sure of what will look best on me… but now i think i should definitely give skinny jeans a try… thanks for the info 🙂

    I love jeans
    but the worst part comes in ,when you have sit with it and the fit isn’t proper.
    It’s very tough to find the perfect jeans.
    Nowadays i am stuck to black leggings.
    I do wear loose long t shirts and tops
    so leggings are really useful for me 🙂
    😀 and they’re comfy too! :yes: :yes: :yes:

  3. If we have a contest on IMBB of a writer with best photos in their article, it will def go to Sanjeev Bhaiya!!!!

    Btw, despite skinny jeans being in trend, it is hardly a style that will suit All women..

    A pair of dark navy blue, straight fit jeans suits almost everybody.

    1. Lol, if you mean enjoying the skin show I hardly notice. I was never the one to ogle at sleazy magazines even in my college.

      On the other hand I DO enjoy the whole process of writing a post, finding images, crafting my words neatly and so on… It gives me pleasure to put up a well-thought-out and well-written post. 🙂

  4. I am a skinny jeans girl. 🙂 hehe… I feel that they always look best with a loose top, although there are days where I pair it with a form fitting tshirt. I can’t wear low rise jeans though, because I have fuller hips. I go well with mid rise jeans.

  5. err, no one mentioned jeggings. 😀 yeah i mean i guess jeggings are there in the updated post. oh well i have to check:D 😀 :methinks:

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