How to Select the Right Heels for Your Feet



That color, that lovely shine, so high and beautiful! What are we talking about? Oh yes heels! Heels, especially high heels, are an appendage for the feet to add an illusion of extra height! Not only that, they accentuate the appearance of calves, make the legs appear longer, and make the lower leg muscles more defined. They give you a sleeker slender look and even add a sexy jiggle to your walk. But how do you choose from so many available varieties? Kitten heels, pumps, wedges, stilettos, high heel boots, high heel platform shoes, etc. Which ones are appropriate for which dress? Where to buy them from? Gosh, the confusion and sheer torture women have to endure to look absolutely perfect!

Contrary to the popular belief that only women wore high heels, even men wore them at one time (aha! I knew it! They were short guys). Actually Mongolians made heels for men quite popular, and Egyptian men wore high heels in butcher shops so that they would not step into the butchered remains of animals (and yes, not to forget Tom Cruise!) Why do women wear high heels?

Other than the obvious reason of increasing one’s height, high hells give an impression of slimness, accentuate your legs, make those short legs look a mile long, and add a visible aura of mystery and up your sexiness quotient of sexiness.

Now we shall illuminate you clueless souls about some basic heel types so that you can avoid any major faux-pas! There are three basic types of Heels that you can choose from- low heel (less than 6 cm), mid heels (6- 8.5 cm), and high heels (greater than 8.5 cm)

Low Heels

First one in my list are low heels. Why are we going for these ones? Well, if you are not used to wearing high heels it’s better to get accustomed to these low heele first before you go for the skyscrapers- high heels or stilettos. Low heels are the safest option when you don’t know which one to wear. Plus they go for office wear without drawing attention to your feet. Low heels are the perfect outlet for most dresses and you can’t go wrong with something that suits all dresses can you? And if you already have the height and do not want to add extra strain to your feet then these seem to be the only option. And if you want to train yourself for wearing high heels, start with wearing low heels first.

High Heels

Next one is the high heels. The antithesis of low heels! Now before you get confused; no-these are not the same as stilettos! These shoes are different at the base, meaning they have a wider base which makes it convenient to walk around. Also they have an edge than stilettos as they can be worn with any outfit.

High Heel Boots

If you want to look sexy and cool with your normal jeans or skirts, high heel boots are a must for your wardrobe. No matter what your age or what’s the occassion, high heel boots make you look chic. Whenever you are not able to decide what shoes to wear for the occasion, just slip on those cowboy styled boots. You can choose out of the three types of boots- knee length, calf length and ankle length- and choose from a variety of heels, from spindly stilettos to thicker Cuban heels.

high heel boots
platform shoes

Platform Shoes

platform shoes

Third shoes on my list are the platforms. In Platform shoes both the heel and the toes are raised equal amounts. They are completely so far off from stilettos and don’t look so appealing but they are equally in vogue. Now the best part of platforms is that they support the entire foot equally. They provide added height without nearly the discomfort of spike heels and attract a lot of attention too!



Lastly, the one that you all were waiting with bated breath! Stilettos. Extremely thin shoes with extremely thin heels. They look at their trendy best when worn with skinny jeans. So you wonder what all the fuss is about. Let’s face it, when one thinks of the high heel the first thing that pops into the mind, is the stiletto. It was the essential sex symbol of the fifties. The sixties and seventies saw the trend die down with the coming of feminism and high heels were looked down upon as being subservient to a patriarchal society. But these babies weren’t going away without a fight, they came blazing back in the eighties with the rise of the power woman and have stayed their ground on the fashion scene ever since.

The reigning queen bee of the shoe industry! Hell the only shoe that makes you feel good and bad at the same time. These super high heels are ultra glamorous, super long, makes you look sassy and give your legs look as long as a racetrack! Takes a lot of practice and skill to walk in these babies and will make that fun flirty dress of yours look like million bucks. But remember to give your poor aching feet a breather after a day in them!

Learn to Start Wearing Heels

Never worn heels before? Don’t start with putting on those 5 inch stilettos. Try increasing the height and the diameter of the heels slowly to train your feet and help build their strength for the required posture. Start with shoes that have low, broad heels with plenty of support for your feet. Slowly graduate to kitten heels and then to platform high heels to train yourself for balance and keeping your foot at a steep arch. Once you have got used to this, you are ready to slip on those stilettos you have been waiting for. 🙂

Sure shoes were originally invented to protect the feet but today we’ve taken shoes to a much greater height, quite literally with the heels getting higher. And if there’s anything to take away from the stunts Carrie Bradshaw and Lady Gaga have pulled in high heels it’s that women love high heels no matter how painful they are. Carrie Bradshaw would rather die and go to hell before parting with her high heels and Lady Gaga strutted her stuff in Alexander McQueen’s infamous armadillo heels in her video ‘Bad Romance’ when 3 supermodels refused to walk the runway in them for fear of breaking a leg (or both). In support of this theory Manolo Blahnik, often referred to as the “high priest of high heels” when asked if he felt sorry for the women who wore his heels said, “Oh, my God, how could I feel sorry for them? Sorry. Sorry for who? They love it.”

High heels are a personal expression of femininity. Before we were consciously aware of most things, our fascination with heels had already begun when we climbed into our mothers’ heels and trotted around the house or we waited for the day we could strut our stuff in heels after watching our favorite actor or rock star.

In celebration of the high heel I quote Linda O’ Keefe called the stiletto the greatest miracle of modern shoe technology as it takes some great designing to be able to prop the entire weight of a body on a heel as thin as a pencil. So ladies, take out your heels and stand tall in them. You deserve to look good at all costs.

Now that you are illuminated, educated about shoes ladies, go out there and get your own pair and swish around flaunting it!

Remember it takes two to a tango!


14 thoughts on “How to Select the Right Heels for Your Feet

    1. I dont think so Insiya..I mean boots look fab on jeans……for a regular evening or may be a visit to a mall……..You can have boots on….. i wonder why they are associated wid winter.

    1. i mean it makes sense to wear them during winters, but you know how it works.. people just want to let their feet sweat and smell!!
      OMG! why am i talking like this?!:P

  1. :sick: is true tho…cannnot imagine how ppl could wear them other times…well ok maybe for photoshoots cos they are crazy anyway. In real life though, I think they should be strictly winter wear only 😐

  2. No matter how much I like staring at those heels, they are just not made for me. I used to wear them during my job days because I used to love towering the loser men in my office. And also trousers look quite meh without heels,imo. It’s been years I have bought myself a pair of good heels. Flats , flats and all the way flats for me. :))

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