How To Achieve Kylie Jenner Lips with Just Three Lip Products

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I am sure some of you guys are on Instagram and see Kylie Jenner’s pictures, like everywhere. Her outfits and makeup looks are amazing! I have seen that she does not do much on the eyes, but her lips look amazing, especially the colors. She uses mostly n*de, dusty pinks, browns or extremely dark lips. She recently even came out with her own range of lip kits of the shades she uses mostly. I have not got my hands on them yet. I have seen the review by Rati and can’t wait to get them (btw, you look great Rati!).

How To Achieve Kylie Jenner Lips with Just Three Lip Products

This will be a simple look which you can wear every day and also it’s more daytime appropriate. You can go ahead and intensify this look for a night out. Before I start, we will not be using fillers or shot glasses to enhance them, so relax. I also want to mention that this is a tutorial just to enhance your lips a little and use the shades similar to Kylie’s. I have chosen some products which are available easily, so here we go:

Step 1: Use your toothbrush to scrub the lips. Scrub them for about a minute. Do not apply too much pressure. Using the toothbrush will increase the circulation, remove the dry bits and also make your lips appear fuller. Try to scrub the area around the lips (the area where you generally use the lip liner). This is the most important part and what makes the lips appear really plump.
Kylie Jenner lips first step

Step 2: Use a lip balm. Massage it on the lips. Now, take a tissue and kiss off the excess balm.

Here, I have used a lip liner by MAC called Stripdown. I am going to be over lining the lips (just a bit, no drag queen style) and also be making sure I get the shape right.  I am using a maroon shade lipstick from Wet and Wild in the shade 917B Cinnamon Spice. I start dabbing it and not drag across.
Apply lip liner

Wet n wild lipstick

Once this is done, I use a deep brown lip liner from Faces in the shade Café Latte and slightly line the lips near cupid’s bow and the bottom lip line.
Kylie Jenner lips

Lip products

You can see in the picture that I have not lined them completely with the brown shade. Blend the liner so you don’t see the harsh line.
Apply wet n wild lipstick

Voila! I took a selfie and tried to use the same filter. Now, pull out your front cam and click away to selfie glory 😛
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