How To Act Like a Celebrity

How To Act Like a Celebrity

There are many ways in which to act like a celebrity. They are not so different as we are. If you think that being stylish and animated is all you need to be in order to behave like a celebrity then think again.


We are sucked up by all the popularity and fun stuff that we forget what really goes on the other side to be what they are. Remember it takes hours of hard work, determination, and the will to succeed to be successful.

Tips to act like a celebrity:

• Decide on an image this will help you make other decisions like the type of clothes you should wear, which sort of events you should go to and how to interact with your other people. Read the tabloids and learn about what celebrities do all day.

• Look good if you want to act like a celebrity. Get a makeover at your local posh department store or spa. Buy some designer labels; if you can’t afford them, buy good-quality clothing that looks designer.

• Don’t copy someone else’s style or personality. You need to have your own thing that people think is worth paying attention to.


• Get yourself some followers, yes you read it right, you need followers to make an impression on others. Believe it or not, you won’t be taken seriously unless you’re surrounded by at least three frazzled-looking companions. Remember that you need a dedicated “glam squad” to make sure you look picture perfect every time you step out of your house.

• Pretend to look annoyed every time you see a camera on the pretext of ‘normal life’. Remember all famous people want to lead a life where they don’t have to deal with reporters, paparazzi, fans, and other people who seek to ruin their days.

• Demand, demand and demand. Have a detailed list of demands and throw them on people at odd times. Be fussy and picky.

• Buy some oversized sunglasses. Don’t hide behind them, just slide them on and smile like you are having the time of your life.

• Getting yourself a PR team is the sure shot way of getting popular.


• Don’t be too conceited. Nobody is perfect and everyone knows that. You’ll look fake and nobody will want to be your friend.

Now that you are equipped with this bright wisdom, go out there and enjoy your life be happy and make everyone think your life is perfect.

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  1. I def wouldn’t want to act like a celeb though I won’t mind looking like one. But this was such a fun article esp the point about getting yourself some followers. 🙂

  2. hi hi.. loved reading article era.. 🙂 superb!! Am definitely going to do it when i’ll have to attend boring relatives weddings.. 😛 😀 hi hi hi

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