How to Add a Natural Pink Glow to the Face

There are a handful of Bollywood celebrities who look beautiful even without makeup. And all of them have one thing common – they have a beautiful skin and there is a natural pink glow on their face. Well, rosy cheeks like that are every woman’s dream but you don’t need to use makeup to get the pink flushed look. There are a few things that you can do at home to get the beautiful pink glow on the face.

Pinkish glow on skin

Skin Care

⦁ Washing the face with water
Now this is probably the easiest yet most effective thing that you can do to get the fresh, rosy glow. Try to splash water on your face as frequently as possible. It is better to wash the face with warm water first, which removes the dirt and oil completely and then follow up with cold water which helps to close the open pores.

⦁ Exfoliation
Apricot face scrub for glowing skin

Every day dead cells accumulate on our face. The dirt and oil also form a thin layer. These factors make the face look dull. Using a mild scrub daily helps to remove this dull layer and reveals the fresh skin from within. The dead cell accumulation mainly occurs on the cheek area, around the mouth and nose and in the centre of the forehead; so concentrate on those areas. But be careful not to scrub vigorously every day as that can damage the skin.

⦁ Facial Massage
facial massage to add a pink glow

Massaging helps to improve the circulation and it can be easily done at home. The best ingredient is definitely aloe vera gel. You can either use fresh gel extract from the plant or use the gels available in the market. You can also use a mixture of coffee, sugar, honey and lemon juice as it exfoliates and massages the face at the same time. Massage your face after the cleansing routine, before applying a moisturising cream. Make sure you rub ice cubes between the palms in-between the message as the skin gets heated up due to the continuous friction and needs to be cooled down. Wash off the gel with warm water after the massage and apply your moisturiser.

⦁ Moisturising the Face
To maintain the healthy glow, it is important to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Do not skip the moisturiser in the summer if you have oily skin or for any other reason. Use a light moisturiser in the day time and a heavier, nourishing moisturiser in the night to maintain the soft and supple skin.

⦁ Face Packs
DIY Moisturising Face Pack with Honey

There are a few moisturising face packs that hydrate the skin, add a dose of antioxidants and other good things to the skin and helps you achieve the healthy glow. Here are a few easy face pack recipes that you can try at home:
⦁⦁ Smash fruits of your choice like mango, grape, banana, cucumber, papaya etc. Keep a mix of juicy fruits and fruits that can help you form the paste. Add some honey to the mixture. Apply it on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Wash off.
⦁⦁ Extract the juice of beetroot and mix it with glycerin or rose water. Massage it on the face and neck. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes and then wash it off.
⦁⦁ Mix yoghurt, malai and honey together. Apply the mixture on your face. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Diet and Exercise

⦁ Diet
A healthy diet is important if you want your skin to look healthy. Try to eat homemade foods. Avoid junk food and try to eliminate oil, sugar and salt as much as possible as all three disturb the skin quality badly. Add loads of fruits to your diet. You can refer to the one-month diet plan that consists of homemade meals and helps to get a glowing skin along with a fit body.

⦁ Water
Watermelon and mint infused water

Water intake is important to keep the skin hydrated from within. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to maintain the water balance in the body. If you’re someone like me who forgets to drink water and ends up drinking just 2-3 glasses a day then you can trick yourself into drinking more water every day.

⦁ Exercise
Exercising daily improves your blood circulation all over the body and thus improves the skin. It also helps to flush out the toxins which could make your skin appear dull. You don’t need to follow a vigorous exercise routine for good skin. Try to do free-hands, jog and skip. It is important to maintain the exercise regimen regularly to see some effective results.


Last but not the least, never give up smiling. If you are too much stressed and if you overthink a lot, it will reflect on your skin. Face life bravely, accept the challenges and fight it out with a smile. Your stress-free attitude will get reflected on your face and everyone will love to see the visible glow. Keep happy, keep glowing. All the best!

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