How to Always Keep your Hands Look Younger

Hey girls,

We all want to look younger and it’s always great when you can achieve that. Commonly, most people want their face to look younger or their skin to look healthier. But, what about our hands? We tend to neglect our hands and focus more on the face. Here are a few tips on how to keep your hands look young and healthy, all the time!

Hands Younger

Rid Your Hands Of Dead Skin Cells!
Most of us tend to overlook exfoliation for our hands. Dead cells on our hands could also cause dry, flaky and older looking hands. Like our face and heels, our hands also require exfoliation to keep it dewy, fresh and young.

You can use any body scrub to exfoliate your hands too. But, if you don’t want to whip out a few bucks for one or you’re on a budget, you can just make a DIY scrub and it would work just fine.

Give Your Hands Moisture!

We need moisture for our face and lips, but don’t forget your hands! Dry and flaky hands feel absolutely uncomfortable and your palms easily turn red and the skin gets peeled. Plus, dry skin on the hands would mean older looking hands.

To combat this, try to apply a lotion on your hands everyday. But, if lotion is a little too thick and rich, opt for a good hand cream instead. These days, there are tons of brands that make hand creams with tons of different ingredients and in different varieties.

Hand creams tend to be thinner in consistency as compared to lotions, but they’re still very effective in providing moisture to our hands. They’re great when you’re on the go too!


Protect Your Hands From UV Rays!

Sun Damage is a very well-known cause for older looking skin. You might think that it wouldn’t cause your hands too look older, but you’re wrong! UV rays can get to your hands too. Most sunscreens might be a little too oily to apply on your hands and probably a little too rich or watery. No worries, there’s still a way. Hand creams with SPF! It is practically killing two birds with one stone. You can moisturize and protect your hands from UV Rays at the same time.

Give Your Hands Some TLC! (Lay off on the polish, a little.)

Working girls, you might be a little too busy sometimes to take care of your hands. But, once a month, pamper yourself and give your hands a little TLC. Treat yourself to a manicure! You’ll be able to get a full hand spa and even your cuticles will be able to get some love.
But, try to lay off on the polish, a little. Nail polishes and gel manicures can cause your nails to break and chip. Give your nails a little rest time in between manicures.


Protect Your Hands When Doing Dishes!

Dish washing soap and your hands will never be best friends. They are just not meant for one another. Your hands are too delicate and dish washing soaps are just too harsh.

Dish washing soaps dry your hands out and make them look older. In the long run, it’ll also damage the skin on your hands and cause it to be rougher. Wear rubber gloves when you’re doing the dishes. It’s the best prevention method and even though, the gloves are a little uncomfortable, they are so worth it!

I hope all of you achieve younger looking hands! Have a great one girls! 🙂


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