How to Apply Hair Infusion

Hair Infusions

Many of you must have heard about ‘hair infusion’ by now, but only a few people among you have a clear concept about the same. This article is for each one of you who would love to know more about hair infusion! Before I proceed into the intricacies of this procedure, at the very outset, let me give you a fair idea about what is actually is. Hair infusion is basically a kind of hair extension technique in which, human hair (or at times, synthetic hair) strands are fused along with the natural hair of a person. This procedure can be meted out to any type of hair to give added flexibility. Choose the extensions in right colors as per your needs. If you want to highlight your hair, go for the one that suits your skin tone. If you want to make your hair look longer, opt for the one that blends perfectly with the natural color of your hair.
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Tools Used In Hair Infusion Techniques:

A variety of tools can be used for this procedure. Some of these instruments are fusion beads, looping needles, fine-toothed comb, clamping device, duckbill clips, flat iron, hooking device, keratin glue and strands, I-tip hair, connection rings, release tools and removal solution. It must however be noted that you might not need all of them. The tools you use depend upon the way you prefer hair infusion to be done.

How to Apply Hair Infusion At Home Easily?

You would require (at least) hair clips, hair extension, infusions with tiny beads (if you opt for the cold method) or silicone attachments (if you opt for the heat-method).
• Wash your hair. Condition it thoroughly but make sure that you do not apply any product which would add extra weight or oil, like a leave-in conditioner.
• Part your hair. Pin up (with duckbill clips or hair clips) the hair strands on the top of your head.
• Leave a part of the bottom layer of your hair loose.
• A hair strand should now be taken, preferable from a side. Place the hair extension on the strand so that it looks like a single longish strand. You may also take help of hair templates available in the market to facilitate the same. Using a hooking device, for instance, would let you select the right amount of hair in a strand.
• If you are using the cold method, your infusions come with beads which would help to attach them in close proximity to your scalp. Use a clamping tool to keep the beads in the right place firmly. Alternately, for heat infusion, silicone attachments are used and they are also placed very near your scalp. Plastic loops can also be used. This has to be done till the whole bottom section is covered.
• Now, the next layer of hair above should be taken. The procedure must be continued till you have got the desired amount of hair and length of hair.
• Make sure that you put the extensions evenly. Otherwise, it becomes too obvious!!
However, it is always good to opt for practiced hands. Taking the help of a professional would definitely let you get the best of hair infusion techniques. As you can understand, this can be a bit cumbersome if you are trying out for the first time!
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What Is Good About Hair Infusion?

• Hair becomes very flexible, thus making it suitable for styling and coloring.
• It helps to add volume as well as length to your hair.
• You have different types of hair infusion techniques to choose from, like flashpoint infusion, silica infusion, cold infusion, micro flash point infusion and regular infusion.
• It is not a very long-drawn process. Depending upon your natural hair, the procedure can take as little as three hours to a maximum of six hours. Moreover, it is less as compared to regular extension procedures, which can take up to nine hours.
• It does not damage your original hair as no pulling or burning is involved. Moreover, hair infusion extension is lighter in weight when compared to regular hair extensions. So, your hair is not subjected to excessive weight.
• Natural protein, and not glue, is used for attaching the hair infusion; hence it is a healthy option.
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Are Hair Infusions Perfect For Everyone?

While hair infusions are a great way to make your tresses look at its best, this technique may not be suitable for everyone! Do not go for hair infusions if:
• You suffer from extreme damage and thinning problems around the top section of head.
• You are having thinning problems around the front hairline.
• You have very short hair.
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