How To Apply Panstick Like A Pro

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I think there are a few lazy bums like me over here, who would do anything and everything to skip a few steps and still look beautiful, while applying makeup. Well, panstick makeup is a savior for girls. It works both as a foundation and a concealer. It even provides heavy coverage and lasts long. Oily skinned beauties are always a bit skeptical about using it, as products with creamy consistency does not go well with their skin. But, many of the girls out there do not know the right way of using it and cannot create the perfect finish that it is supposed to give.

I mastered the art of applying panstick makeup after watching a makeup artist applying it on a friend, who is into modeling. I have been using panstick makeup for the last one year and every time I go out putting it on, I get loads of compliments. People keep asking me about the foundation I use and I surprise them by saying, “I do not use one” 😛 Today, I will share the tricks and tips of applying a panstick like a pro.

How To Apply Panstick Like A Pro

Cleanse and Scrub:

How To Apply Panstick Like A Pro 2

Any makeup application needs a smooth surface to glide on. Otherwise, you may end up with an uneven patchy distribution. Try to scrub and clean your face properly with your trusted products before panstick makeup application.

Tone Up Your Skin:

Use a toner to seal the unclogged pores. It also hydrates the skin, which is much needed after the cleansing and scrubbing.


How To Apply Panstick Like A Pro 3

Now, this step needs to be given a thought. If you have a dry skin then go for a moisturizer without any second thought. The normal and oily skinned beauties need to wait and think for a while. The panstick makeup is creamy, so the heavy moisturizing may make your skin oily and sweaty. There are a number of things you can do to solve this problem. Using a completely oil free moisturizer is one. You can also skip moisturizer and use a non-drying cleanser so that your skin does not feel dry.  I generally clean my face with Cetaphil cleanser and skip the moisturizer. If you have a few dry patches, working specifically on them instead of the whole face also helps.


If you want to look better than the best, then apply a primer. But, this is not a must. I have started using primer recently. It is okay, if you do not use a primer. Try using toners that reduces the pore size and you can conveniently skip this step.

Panstick Application:

How To Apply Panstick Like A Pro 4

Choosing the right panstick is very important. Never go for a panstick, which is too drying as it is very difficult to work with such a product. Getting one, which is perfect for your skin tone is a must.

I apply the panstick directly on my face and that is the best way to use it. Apply lines of panstick on your face. Do not line and cover the whole face with it, instead streaks of product according to the coverage you need is important. To avoid contamination, rub the surface of the panstick with a clean wet cloth after the application.

Next, dust some loose translucent powder on your face. Dab the amount of powder on your face depending on your skin type. If you have a very dry skin, a little powder will do, but the others should go for a moderate amount.

Now, use a sprayer to spray some water all over your face. If you do not have a sprayer, then you can sprinkle water all over your face using the finger tips.

How To Apply Panstick Like A Pro 6

Now, start blending the product. A wet sponge is the best thing to blend this product. Make sure to cover the whole face with it. Do not forget the ears and jaw line. Look into the mirror and check if you need some more coverage for the not-so-perfect regions. Apply a little more product using your finger tips on areas like under eye, blemishes, tan-patches and blend them well. The panstick makeup, powder and water everything mixes up beautifully to give a smooth, perfect coverage on the face. This also looks flawless and natural in photographs.

I generally avoid using any compact over this most of the time. But always keep one in your purse and use it if you feel the need at any point of time.

You are ready to rock the party. This makeup will stay intact for the next 7-8 hours. The picture, I have attached was clicked in a wedding party during the hot summer days. I was sweating badly (you can see that in the picture too :P) and I did not use any primer, still the makeup lasted for 6 hours.

How To Apply Panstick Like A Pro 5

So, if you want to skip multiple steps of using concealer, foundation, compacts and achieve a long lasting perfect look, then definitely follow this method. Give it a try and please do let me know, if it works for you too.

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