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Have you ever wondered why the same fragrance smells so completely different on different individuals? I happened to go to a party recently where 2 of my friends were wearing the Chanel No.5 but they both smelled really different. That made me wonder if the right method to apply is as important as choosing the right scent.

I have been a perfume lover since a long time. I will never ever leave home without using some sort of a fragrance. However, having done some research on how to correctly apply perfume, I realized how I was messing up a lot of steps and how I was so focused on choosing the right fragrance that I did not spare a thought on how to gain the maximum mileage out of it.

Ever since I have consciously tried to correct the way, I myself can feel my same perfume smelling better and lasting longer! If applied correctly, a fragrance should smell subtle and pleasant rather than loud and overwhelming. Also keep in mind that the wearer doesn’t smell the fragrance as strongly as others. A lot of time, we tend to overspray just because we can’t smell the scent, forgetting that others will. That’s when the scent becomes too strong and cause headaches to a lot of people!

Here are a few tips and tricks on perfume application:

• A well moisturized skin is the perfect base for perfume application. It helps the scent to last longer.
• Always apply perfume to the bare skin as the scent will be diffused through the clothing subtly. Applying scents directly to clothing can also cause staining and can smell very strong and not last long.
• Apply perfume at least half an hour before leaving the house. This enables the scent to get subdued slightly before stepping out. Also, perfumes change their smells up to an hour after they have been initially applied.
• If it’s summer or the humidity levels are very high, the application should be less as compared to when the weather is cooler.

There are 3 ways to apply a perfume:

• Spray your fragrance on to your pulse points. These would be the folds in your elbow, behind the ears, back of knees, wrists, neck and cleavage. It should not be applied at one time to more than 4 of these pulse points as the scent can be quite overwhelming. As our bodies warm up, the fragrance on the pulse points spreads to other parts of the body as well. Another no-no, of which I was guilty for a long time until recently, is never to rub wrists after the application. This breaks down and crushes the actual smell.scent
• Another way to apply is by spraying the perfume into the air and then walking through it. This is especially good for Eau de Toilettes as this will cover the entire body with the scent. Eau de Toilettes generally last less for 3-4 hours so you might need to reapply it through the course of the day. To avoid this, follow the next technique.
• Another method is the layering technique. This is great for when you want the fragrance to last longer on the skin and intensify the scent in a bold, rich way. To follow this technique, use a body wash in the same scent family as the perfume and follow it up with a similar smelling moisturizing lotion or a body spray. And then apply your desired scent. Special care should be taken to not apply too many products with contrasting scents as this can defeat the entire purpose of applying your favorite perfume!
• Try to not apply perfumes on the hair. It can damage the hair esp. if the fragrance contains a lot of alcohol.
• Also, same perfume can smell differently on different individuals (could be the reason for my friends smelling different!) depending on the hormonal secretions of the body. The same fragrance can have a different effect when you are stressed, menstruating or are pregnant.
• Another handy tip is to avoid wearing fruity, floral fragrances when going closer to nature i.e. either to parks or playgrounds as these smells attract a lot of insects such as bees and mosquitoes.
• Another fun trick is to spray a small amount of perfume on either your bed or pillow to have a wonderful, fragrant night of sleep!
• Lastly, I ask my husband if I have overdone my perfume or not. Checking with a family member is probably the best way to find out if we’ve applied too much.

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25 thoughts on “How To Apply Perfume

  1. I adore perfume! :yahoo:
    Lovely article Bhawana. :high5: And very correct 😛
    Yes, I have found that when my skin is dry, the perfume lasts not long, but when it is moisturized and soft, it lasts longer! :jiggy1:

  2. Bhawana I am not a huge perfume collector but I never ever step out of my house without applying perfume. Infact i keep a small bottle of perfume handy in my purse always. It’s very important that you smell right . I mostly wear perfume on my neck, wrists and fold of elbow.

    I will follow your “apply perfume before half an hour”.. sometime I myself feel that it gets too overwhelming since i apply perfume just before stepping out. now i know the reason. 🙂

  3. this is a gr8 article bhawna.. ur 3rd last point of not wearing flowery perfume in gardnes is jut soo diff & nice :thumbsup: … I too wud try to wear perfume by spaying in air & then walking thru it :yes: :yes: .. i think tht wud give a fresh feel to us n room too.. :whistle: :toothygrin:

  4. the husband one and the insect one were really helpful
    i tend to attract the max mosquis…. :wilt: :zombiekiller: :pissedoff:
    may be thats y :lol2:

  5. Hey, thanks.Really helpful. Even I always rub my wrists when I apply my perfume.A strict no no from tomorrow though. 🙂

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