How To Bake Your Makeup

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Hope you are doing good! Today, we would be talking about how to bake your makeup at home. Baking makeup is the recent trend which is gaining popularity throughout the world for its uniqueness. Most of us are unsure about how makeup baking can help us, but let me tell you that baking your makeup isn’t a difficult task and it assures to give you flawless and radiant skin. Baking makeup is a method which is similar to highlighting. It involves doing makeup without using any shimmer.
So, here’s how you should bake your makeup.

How To Bake Your Makeup

1. Apply Foundation:

Choosing the right type of foundation is the most important step in makeup baking. Dab small dots on the face and blend them using your finger or sponge. Blending foundation with fingers can help to give you seamless and radiant coverage on the skin. Blend properly and always use a long lasting foundation so that it goes for a long period of time. Use Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation Refill or Inglot AMC Cream Foundation.

2. Use A Translucent Powder:

Translucent powder is another important beauty essential that can help to set your makeup easily. Translucent powders do not add a powdery layer to the face and hence it can be used in order to even out the makeup. Take some translucent powder and spread it on the face using a blending brush. Make sure you apply a small amount of translucent powder which sets the makeup. Use MUA Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder or Kryolan Translucent Powder for best results.

Products for Baking Makeup

3. Now Use Some Loose Powder:

This is the most important step in makeup baking! You should be using your blending brush or sponge in order to set the makeup and make your makeup look flawless. Apply some translucent powder on the under eye area and make sure you apply it in a thick layer. Now apply loose powder and conceal the under eye area, chin area and forehead. Use Inglot Translucent Loose Powder or Yves Saint Laurent Souffle D’Eclat Sheer and Radiant Loose Powder for best results.

4. Allow The Makeup To Settle:

When you have applied a thick layer of translucent powder and loose powder, you can look a little funny. The face would look clown-like while you try to bake your makeup. Using translucent powder allows the face to heat thus setting the concealer and foundation on the face firmly. It makes your face look flawless, radiant and even toned.

Baking the Undereyes

5. Dust Off The Excess Powder:

Once you have baked the makeup, you should dust off the excess translucent powder on the face. Do this for all the areas where you have baked the makeup. Use a blending brush to remove the excess loose powder and translucent powder from the face. Using the brush can help to dust off the excess makeup and also blend it with the skin. As the excess makeup dusts off, you’ll notice smooth skin.

6. Double Check:

You need to double check if there are any harsh lines or pores visible on the skin. If you notice any unevenness on the skin, you can apply some more powder using the brush or fingers. You can also use blotting paper to dust off the excess makeup from the face. Use fingers lightly to help to give you a spotless skin.

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