How to Balance Hormones Naturally

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,
Have you ever wondered why some people look really radiant on some days but look very dull on the other days? Well, the reason is our hormones. Hormones play a pivotal role in making your skin and hair healthy and that’s why keeping them under control is crucial. With these tips, you can easily control your hormones, without any medicines.
How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Say yes to carrots

Start eating 1 carrot every day. It is like a golden rule in order to balance hormones. After you hit the age of puberty estrogens play a very important role in your hormones. So, by consuming a carrot every day, you’ll keep your estrogens level under check and thus your hormones will stay balanced.

Discard your vegetable oils

give up vegetable oil
Vegetable oils are largely responsible for affecting your hormones. Haven’t you noticed a tiny pimple or acne on your cheek when you continuously eat deeply fried food? In today’s time, say yes to lighter food options. So, pick olive oil over the heavy mustard oil.

Exercise friendly

In order to balance your hormones, you should be exercise friendly. Don’t forget to do 40 minutes of rigorous exercise every single day, and try to do it without any equipments. This way, your hormones would become naturally boosted. Go for a brisk walk, jogging, aerobics, zumba – whatever you like.

Water water water

drink more water
Water is the key determinant to balance your hormones. If you consume more amount of water then it will naturally flush away your toxins. And, at the end of the day, your hormones will stay balanced. So, start drinking 8 glasses of water every day. Carry a small bottle of water everywhere you go.

Encourage the use of gelatin

Gelatin contains lots of helpful and healthful amino acids. These amino acids benefit your body and keep your hormones balanced for a longer duration of time. So, try to add more and more gelatine to your daily diet.

Detox yoga position

yoga pose

rati beauty ad

OMG! The moment I read this, I loved it! Have you ever heard of this? A yoga pose called the “legs up to the wall”? It is very simple to do but balancing your body is really difficult. You just need to keep your legs up and heads down. It is suitable for every age group and works like magic.

Stop taking birth control pills

Sometimes, hormonal imbalances are because of birth control pills. They create some nutritional imbalances in your body. And the major cause is because of birth control pills.

Say no to soy

Products that have soy like soy milk, soy protein, and soy based cereals are known to create havoc on your hormones. So if you are facing major skin breakouts and bad hair days, avoid eating foods rich in soy.

Get more sleep

get more sleep
And, the best thing in the world, sleep! Sleep because it is highly beneficial for your skin and hair. it is a major determinant in order to balance hormones. The more relaxed and happy your body is, the better it will make you feel.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using these tips and tricks to balance your hormones naturally and enjoy great skin and hair days.

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4 thoughts on “How to Balance Hormones Naturally

  1. Hello All,

    I am suffering from pcod due to which I did not get my periods for two months and m gaining weight. I read in Google that flax seed helps in regulating this mensuration cycle but else where I read I delays the cycle. And I m confused about it known. I also don’t trust my doctor? can any one help.

  2. One main point missed here is that people suffering form hormonal issues should completely remove milk from their diet & also reduce milk based products.
    Though on the other hand having curd or better more, buttermilk aka chass is greatly beneficial, as buttermilk helps to detoxify the liver. It can be consumed daily but should be consumed only during the day & not after the sunset.

    Also add a tiny pinch of cinnamon powder in your morning green tea.
    Cinnamon helps regulate hormones & blood sugar levels.

    Also do away with sugar as it makes your hormonal problems & acne in general much more worse. Sugar is not just in sweets or desserts but is a hidden ingredient in a lot of packaged products, from health drinks to snacks & so on. Read the ingredients carefully.

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