How to make blush last long on Cheeks?

Make your blush last longerHow to make blush last long on Cheeks

No matter how much I love my Colorbar blushes, they just don’t last long enough on my cheeks. Rather than dumping them, I have rather found a trick to keep them with me for long long enough. 🙂

Here’s what I do to make blush last longer.

Dab on a few spots of your nude coloured lipstick going up your cheek from the center (below the iris of your eyes) up to your temples. Then, with your fingers, quickly blend the lipstick it outward until you have a sheer covering. Once you have a sheer coverage of lipstick on your cheeks, apply your favourite powder blush to top it off.

A few tips:
1. I was told by a dermatologist that the lipsticks that promise you a long lasting coverage could be harmful for your skin. I am not sure if that is true or not but I avoid using 9 to 5 type of lipsticks on my cheeks, atleast. I use the normal lipstick- Lakme Bridal Sutra 126 to the base coverage.
2. You could also use a pink lipstick for the apple of your cheeks and a brownish/ nudish toned lipstick for the hollow of your cheeks as base. I use a single colour and it works well for me.
3. The key is to blend, so blend well from your cheeks to the temple.
4. The lipstick application on cheeks should be done after you have done your base coverage- basic foundation, concealer and setting.

It has worked wonders for me. The trick can really make blush last long on your cheeks. I hope it works well for you too. 🙂

What do you so to make your blush last long? I would love to hear your tips and tricks . 🙂

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13 thoughts on “How to make blush last long on Cheeks?

  1. Have been re-reading your blog, such great posts and tips. Don’t know how I missed them the first time around. 😀

    Yr tip is very good and unique. I also do a similar thing, except I use a cream blush in a similar hue and top it with powder blush. – but this i do just for night time parties when intense blush look can be carried off my me.

    On a daily basis for office, since I have dry cheeks I generally use a tinted moisturiser layered over an oil free moisturizer which forms a very creamy base, powder blush attaches/absorbs to it very well, and due to the layering lasts long. (3-4 hours)

    In case I want it to last even longer, I top the blush with a light dusting of loose translucent powder.

  2. I have not used cream blushes as yet and a lot of people swear by the cream blush tip you suggested. I am looking for a good cream blush in our Indian market and the only thing that comes to my mind in Mac. Still waiting because it’s painful to spend 1200 bucks on a single blush. NYX is not available in Delhi and you also kind of didn’t gave a good review about it. So I am still hunting for a good cream blush and relying on my lipsticks till I find one. 🙂 Any recos?

    Thanks for all then tips and glad you liked mine. It’s so great to have you around, Tanveer. You are always a wonderful help.:)

  3. Hmm.. Jordana makes some nice cream blushes that retail for some 200 odd bucks. But the color selection is limited (red, brown & mauve). But I think tht too is not available in Delhi. If you want I cld get these and courier them to you.

    Yea, MAC is too expensive, NYX is about half the price (500 – 600) of MAC and the same quantity. I must update my NYX review. When I had bought the thing, they just had one color – red, which was i felt too intense. But the texture and blend-ability is really good. I was new at blogging then and was unable to express myself so coherently.

    But the last time I saw they have now come up with 5-6 different shades (I think i even saw orange!). I was in hurry as I was doing bridal make up shopping up with my friend, but I will chk them out next time and will let you know.

    I love cream blushes but hate the limited color selection – so I did this, I went and bought a lip rouge palette (it is my this local company called Stars Cosmetics – they have a blog here which they have not updated in a while – it has 8 colors, 4 are light pink to red to mauve, and the other 4 are light brown to shimmery brown. Slightly creamy – I use them as blush.

  4. Jordana has only eyeliners available here in Delhi and NYX is not available here. Do update me about the NYX blushes and I might get them couriered from you. 🙂 This star cosmetics is also available in and around Maharashtra , I guess.

    Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I am sorry to tell you, but Jordana is not yet available in Bangalore. Or atleast none of the Health and Glows nor any other major counters carry them. I am not too sure if there are individual Rajasthani cosmetic retailers(lots of them in Blr) have them. They usually bring some of their stuff from Mumbai.

      Colorbar is available at

      More Supermarket in Forum Mall, Koramangla. But the last time I visited, only a few shades were available.

      Star Bazaar, Koramangla
      Again, only two shades were available.

      More Super Bazaar, Outer Ring Road, Marathalli-KR Puram stretch.

      I would advice you to check the manufacture date well before buying as I have found discrepancies in their stock.

      Hope the information is useful to you.
      .-= Poornima´s last blog ..Nail Style – Lavender =-.

  5. i too do this sometimes.1st i apply ponds cold cream & then pink lipstick in that.cold cream gives it a highlight too & makes the lipstick more blendable.i too use lakme cheek and lip tint.again i mix it in coldcream and aapply on gives a very natural color.when i m in hurry, i use revlon touchpad blush or glitter strips as blusher.depends on my mood.nice tips rati.we get lot of knowledhge abt make up stuff frm u.

  6. I use Mac cream colour base in Hush or Pearl for this purpose. Sure its expensive, but the pot lasts for several months easily and i like it more because of the natural glow it leaves to the cheeks.

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