How To Choose Colored Contact Lens For Eyes

If you want to improve your looks along with your vision, a colored contact lens is what you need! Available in a variety of colors ranging from natural colors to exotic ones, you can change the color of your eye and form a style statement of your own by opting for the right color contacts. Many a reputed brand is now offering an array of corrective as well as cosmetic colored contact lenses for you to choose from.

Color Contact Lenses-Types
However, when you choose to invest in color contacts, there are quite a few aspects you need to remember. First of all, you should know about the main kinds of colored contact lenses available in the market.
Here is a list for you:
Enhancement tints- Color contacts with enhancement tints help to make your eyes look intense. Generally, they tend to suit you if you have light colored eyes. These contacts help to accentuate your eye without drastically changing the color.
Opaque tints- Much opposed to the enhancement tints, the opaque ones help to change your eye color drastically. If you want to bring in a total change in your appearance, this is what you should opt for. If you have naturally brown eyes, you can make them look blue or green by using opaque tints! They are perfect for a party look or a special occasion.
Theatrical tints- This category of contact lenses allow you to get special (or even wild) effects. Suppose you want the eyes of a vampire or a cat! Or say you love a sultry pink! These are the color contacts you must choose.
Light filtering color contacts- These lenses allow you to get a better vision as well as appearance. They are new in the market and are perfect for you if you are a sports enthusiast or an athlete.
Visibility tint- If comfort is your priority, this is the lens category you must go for. These lenses do not necessarily change the color of your eye; they are almost alternatives of glasses. Virtually, they are invisible once they are worn.


Choosing Color Contacts- Aspects to Consider
Once you are well informed about the color lenses and their types, here is how you go about choosing the one that suits you best:
• Opt for the color you like best; this would be dependant on the effects you want to achieve. Depending upon your priorities, go for opaque colors, theatrical tints or enhancement tints.
• While choosing your color, you must take your hair color and complexion into account. If you have black hair, go for lighter shades like grey or blue. Or if you have brown hair, hazel would be a perfect match for you!
• Consider the one that blends wonderfully with your features. If you want to accentuate your natural features and maintain a less drastic approach when it comes to looks, go for tints that would help your eyes look brighter in the natural way. If you have dark eyes and dark hair, you could go for a golden brown lens.
• Your skin tone needs to be paid attention too! With a wheatish skin tone, you could like to go for topaz.
• Of course, you need to take money matters into consideration! Stick to the brand that is in keeping with your budget.
• It is always advised that you have your eyes examined before you purchase contacts from a reputed professional. You could even request the professional for a trial for a short period of time to make sure the one you have chosen is perfect for you.


Choosing Color Contacts- Tips for Indian Women.
• If you have a fair complexion, aqua colored lenses would impart freshness to your looks. Colors like purple would also look fabulous!
• If your skin tone is dark, go for amethyst or grey to make your eyes look attractive. If you love shades like blue or green, it would be better to go for darker shades of the same instead of brighter ones.
• If your skin is tanned, go for hazel or honey colored lenses.

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27 thoughts on “How To Choose Colored Contact Lens For Eyes

  1. I love colored lenses but whenever I want one my doc says no as they are not safe for everyday wear 🙁 but would love to wear them on occassion..m loving True Sapphire and Amethyst :waytogo:

    1. i too love the look but the whole concept of putting somthing within ur eyes scares me Parita …i do want to get ovr with my spects but……………. 😥

      1. I know the feeling Somreeta..i too have faced the same fears few tears back…it scared the hell out of me to put anything in my eyes..infact i would never even touch my eyes with my fingers..but now I wear contacts everyday and they are very comfortable..sometimes I even forget if I am wearing any lenses :specs: so do try out..for initial few days it may feel little different but then you will get used to it….also I would suggest you to try Air Optix Aqua lenses from Ciba vision..they are awesome and infact regular wearing also decreased my eye numbers! :yahoo: :yahoo:

        1. oh….dats a great piece of info! would surely giv a try :balle: …esp am feeling so good dat u too overcame the same fears dat i have…..and the fact dats its soooo comfy! here r puchis for u Parita :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  2. i tried wearing lenses once.. i mean may be for a month or two but then i used to find the whole process of wearing lenses so tedious in morning that i never went back to them. I am quite happy with my glasses. :specs: I do like honey coloured lenses though. 😀

    1. i can understand Rati…..and in fact,for people like us, glasses r now very much in fashion. :specs: :yahoo: u know my first glasses were of Preity Zinta types of Kal Ho Na Ho..but i stood on its top my mistake..shattered :scream:

        1. losing? Rati,….i to keep forgetting where i kept and then i feel…kaash i could give missd call and locate it the way i can locate my cel when i cant find it! 😛 But i somhow feel…that i dont look good when i pair glasses with sareeeeeeeeeeee :huh:

          1. hihiihihihihih I only wear glasses while working (which is almost 18 hours a day 😐 ) and watching TV, which goes along with working. 😛 i rarely wear sarees bt yeah lenses would be preferable with sarees. 😀

  3. i have tried the gray pure hazel n honey n gren from ciba freshlook
    loved all
    tho for daily wear i like honey n pure hazel

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