How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

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Well, we all know our hair type, don’t we? But, we never really pay attention to the scalp type. If your scalp is oily, but your ends are dry, which shampoo would you go for? Shampoo made especially for dry hair or oily hair?

Always choose a shampoo according to your scalp condition and as we know, conditioner is meant to be applied on the tips of your tresses and not the whole scalp, so go for a conditioner that is meant to suit your ends and not scalp.

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

I have dry and very thin hair. I am always on the lookout for shampoos that could give my lifeless and dull hair some shine and lustre.

Dry scalp and dry hair need extra care as they are more fragile and prone to breakage. Choosing a shampoo for dry and rough hair can be quite a task. Let’s get started and try to find out together some do’s and don’ts of choosing the right shampoo for dry hair type.

• Moisturization And Hydration Is The Key

As dry hair is more prone to split ends and hair fall, choose a shampoo that offers moisturization or is oil based. Such shampoos can provide hydration and moisture to the hair and also, are designed to combat frizziness and roughness.

• Sebum Is Important

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

If your shampoo has an essential oil, olive oil or coconut oil as its ingredients, that’s a plus because these oils act as sebum. You may be wondering what exactly sebum is? Well, it is just fatty oil present in the scalp which helps dry hair to regain the moisture and strength that it has lost. So, sebum is actually very important for healthy hair.

• Choose A Sulfate Free Shampoo

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

Sulfates make the hair follicles dry and very rough. So, when looking for a shampoo, choose the one that is sulfate free. Most of the shampoos contain sulfates in their ingredients, but herbal shampoos don’t have it.

When you apply a shampoo that has higher sulfate content, it strips the hair off its natural oils making it more dry. Although, sulfates in your shampoo really cleanse your scalp well, but plays havoc on natural oils on our scalp. And, did you know sulfates are also used in dish-washing and laundry detergents!

• Strengthening And Volumising Shampoos Are Not Your Friend

If you have dry hair, avoid strengthening and volumising shampoos. Because the chemicals present in these kind of shampoos make your hair devoid of that much needed moisture.

• Look For Low pH In Your Shampoo

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

Choose a shampoo that has low pH level. Higher pH causes damage to the hair cuticles. If your shampoo says it’s moisturizing that probably means it has lower pH level than the normal ones.

• Does Your Shampoo Have These Ingredients?

Try to look for nourishing ingredients in your shampoo like Tea Tree oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil or silk and milk proteins. The presence of these ingredients in your shampoo will provide extra moisture to the dry strands.

• Conditioning Is Very Important

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

Dry hair needs extra conditioning after shampoo. So, go for a nourishing conditioner that will replenish parched strands and roughness or frizz in your hair. Treat your hair to deep conditioning at least once a week.

• Go Organic!

Go for organic and natural shampoos. But, if you can’t, you may choose from this little list as they are all sulfate and silicon free.

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

1. Burt Bees Shampoos
2. Alba Botanical Shampoos
3. Dr. Organic’s Rose Otto Shampoo
4. The Body Shop Banana Shampoo
5. Avalon Organics Tea Tree Mint Treatment
6. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo
7. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather shampoo
8. Desert Organics Coconut Shampoo
9. Sesa Hair Protein Shampoo
10. Biotique Bio Soya Protein Shampoo

Home Remedies For Dry Hair:

When you have dry and rough hair, moisturisation is the key.What better way to moisturize than oil based natural treatments?

Coconut Oil Mask

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

This remedy is really beneficial, as coconut oil is really light. It does not feel heavy and provides intense moisturization to dry hair.

What You Will Need: 2 tbsp Coconut Oil and 1 tbsp Olive Oil

Mix these together and apply to your hair focusing on brittle ends.
Put on a shower cap for about 30 minutes.
Rinse it off with a shampoo.

Banana Honey Mask

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

This particular mask will provide proteins, hydration and moisturisation.

What you will need: 1 Banana, 1 tbsp Honey and 1 tbsp Olive or Almond Oil

Mix these ingredients in a blender to make a smooth paste.
Apply this paste on your scalp till the end and cover with a warm towel to provide deeper penetration.
Wait for 15 minutes and rinse it off.

Here Are A Few Tips On Hair Washing:

How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

• Try to wash your hair only 2-3 times a week as excess shampoo can strip off your hair’s natural oil.
• Apply the shampoo to your scalp and gently work your way down to the ends. Don’t rinse and repeat.
• Don’t use hot water on your hair. If you are in colder place, try to wash your hair separately in the sink only with cold water.
• If you can’t stand cold water, use lukewarm water on your hair. But, always finish with a cold water rinse.
• Use the conditioner specially designed for dry hair and use as required.
• Don’t towel dry your hair that is too harsh. Use a cotton t-shirt instead.

I hope all of these tips will be prove to be beneficial for your beloved tresses. See you next time.

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7 thoughts on “How To Choose Shampoo For Dry And Rough Hair

  1. good post babes and useful hair is just soooooooo dry and i love the honey and oil treatment. My hair always thanks me afterwards 🙂

    I also give my hair a shot of cold water at the end and avoid hot water…and as you said shampoo as less as humanly possible!

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Mine is oily scalp and dry hair..!! My hair was black, but it has become a bit brownish now and I am not liking it at all 🙁 🙁

    My hair type is like somewhere between almost straight and little wavy.

    Can you please suggest me any good shampoo and conditioner ?

    I am using Pantene Pink shampoo and I will use Loreal Instant Clear shampoo when I see dandruff (which is seasonal). I had tried Pantene Conditioner, but discontinued using it, as I felt it was causing me hair fall..

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