How to Choose Swimsuit According to Body Type

Finding the right swimwear at times can be more difficult than finding the right pair of jeans. The swimwear hugs and tugs our body so tightly that every single curve gets highlighted. The key to the perfect swimwear lies with finding the right fabric and the right shape. Finding swimwear that feels and looks fabulous is very much possible. Keep the following points in mind:

1. To trim your waist: shirring or gathers is your best friend. Look for pieces with gathers at one side. Also, draping that falls over the belly and side insets of mesh and other light fabrics are helpful. All of these divert the attention from the sides of the waistline.
2. To increase bustline: you need swim wear with inbuilt demi cut bra with an underwire. To further enhance your bustline, you can opt for swimsuits with bold detailings at the bust area like halter necklines, sweetheart necklines, bold geometric color patterns or horizontal stripes running across the top of a one-piece
3. To minimise bustline: the most important thing to do here is to find a swimwear that has enough support to prevent sagging. To divert the attention away from big bust, choose a swimsuit with prints such as horizontal stripes that hit just above or below the fullest part of the bust. Light colors and small prints work fine.
4. To minimise you hips: black color is obviously the most effective slimmer. But whats more effective than black? Selective use of black. A one piece swimwear with bright colour top and black body is your best bet. Other dark colours like blue and grey also do the job. Be careful about the fabric though. Skimpy fabrics for big behind is a strict no.
5. To increase height: Always go for a two piece suit to make your torso look longer. Spare all black( or any other dark colour) and go for bright colours. Anything with thin vertical stripes will look great.
different swimsuit models
No matter what is your body type, I suggest you check out tankinis first. These are bikini like separates, except that instead of a bikini top, you get a tank top. These are super comfy and you get to choose your tank top and bikini briefs separately according to your preferences.

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10 thoughts on “How to Choose Swimsuit According to Body Type

    1. hey Bee! i think skirts and ruffles look cute..find a colour that suits you! i have a navy blue plain simple swimsuit. my fav are tankinis. thats what im going to get when i go swimming next summers.
      ps- ‘Bee’ is such an adorable name! i want a cute nick name too 🙁

  1. i have never bought a swim suit. i dont have a body to pull it off :yikes: bt i will keep these tips in mind if ever i buy one :teeth :teeth :teeth

  2. :thanks: for this interesting post!~
    I only have one standard swimsuit that I wore for my swimming lessons,so I doubt this will be of any use now. But,I’ll keep these in mind when I’m buying my next swim suit. 😀 😀

  3. Great post! :yes: I’ve always worn one piece swimsuits in shades of blue. I’m going to take that suggestion of investing in a good striped tankini to add (apparent) inches to my frame. :toothygrin:

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