How to Choose the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape

By Chanchala Bose

Hi folks,

Bangs play a major role in hairstyling. They frame your face and add a definition to it. The right bangs style can enhance your boring look and give you a mini makeover. Bangs can add a much-needed drama to your looks even on your bad hair days. But, choosing the right bangs style as per your face shape is very crucial. Here’s how to do it right!


Square Face


This face shape is geometric and does not have natural softness to it. Thus, the target is to create softness with bangs. Go for bangs that end just below your brows but they need to be longer at the sides. This will add some softness to your look.

Round Face


Since you have too much roundness or softness on your face, your goal is to create some angles and dimensions. So, the best bangs style for you is the side swept one. This style will create an edge and definition. But remember: your bangs need to be thick.

Long Face


If you have an extra long face, your aim is to add some softness and roundness with bangs. Hence, the best option for you is mid-length bangs. These bangs should end mid-brow and must be thick. This way, you will add enough body to your hair.

Heart Shaped Face


Since you have a narrow jawline and wide forehead, you need to go with layered side bangs. This will ensure that the focus stays on your eyes and lips, and not on your wide forehead. Also, the shortest point of your bangs much reach your brows while the longer part can come up to your cheeks.

Oval Face


This is the most versatile face shape, hence women with this face shape can enjoy all sorts of bangs. So go with full on fringes or side swept ones, whichever you like.

Small Forehead


If you have a small forehead, try to elongate your face with your bangs. Going for side swept bangs with a deep parting is your best bet. Also, your bangs must fall towards your cheekbones.

Large foreheads


Bangs that conceal your large forehead are best for you. So, go with heavy and thick bangs which begin from the centre. Make sure your bangs gradually become angular and add a dimension to the face.

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