How to Choose The Best Facial for Your Skin Concerns

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Pampering your face with facial treatments every once in a while can do wonders for the skin. Choosing the right kind of facial, keeping in mind your facial concerns, really amplifies the positive effects of the facial. Let’s find how you can choose the right facial for your face.

How to Choose The Best Facial for Your Skin Concerns2

Hydrating Facial

If you have a really dry skin, then choose the facial treatment that has the word “hydrating” in it. This kind of facial will provide adequate nourishment from within as there will be usage of rich creams, serums and moisturising masks. Avoid the use of abrasive or harsh scrubs as these could make your skin more dry and flaky. Oxygen facial or fruit facial can provide the required softness and flawless texture to skin.

Antioxidant Facial

How to Choose The Best Facial for Your Skin Concerns3

This kind of facial is particularly useful if your skin is sun damaged and if you want the healthy glow of your face back after a long and tiring holiday. This kind of facial makes use of intensive collagen based masks to restore the healthy glow of the skin and help with the sun damage on your face.

Skin Brightening Facial

If your skin has become dull overtime because of various factors, then you can choose to go for a skin brightening facial. This kind of facial will bring a nice glow to your face and is likely to feature vitamin-rich creams and moisturising masks.

Deep Cleansing Facial

How to Choose The Best Facial for Your Skin Concerns1

If you have an oily skin which tends to become sensitive at times, then you can make use of deep cleansing facial treatments. Rounds of cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extraction and peeling are done to control the excess oil production and to tighten the pores.

Anti-Aging Facial

If you have been experiencing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face then it is time to pay heed to the signs of ageing. This kind of facial uses collagen based products, glycolic, lactic, enzyme peels and anti-aging serums to help the skin look firmer and plumper. If you are consistent with this facial, then you would have a younger looking skin for the longest time.

Anti-Acne Facial

How to Choose The Best Facial for Your Skin Concerns

If your skin is prone to breakouts more than usual and if it has become irritated and sensitive over the time because of acnes, then specify anti-acne facial to your beautician. More clarifying ingredients will be used to soothe and calm the irritated skin like cleanser with salicylic acid, various clay masks, and a lactic acid peel.

Detox Facial

As our bodies need detox every few months or so, our skin needs detox too. You can do that with the help of detox facials to get rid of tired and congested skin. This facial contains a thorough exfoliation process and the use of purifying oils and gentle enzyme peels.

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