How to Choose The Most Flattering Colors as Per Your Skin Tone

Many of the gorgeous ladies out here have experimented with their different colored clothes, lip colors, hair colors and jewellery. While some do not like to go out of their comfort zone, some might try out some dramatic styles and shades. In this post, I will tell you some shades that will complement your skin tone. Find your dream shade and flaunt a new look, here’s how!

How to Choose The Most Flattering Colors as Per Your Skin Tone2

For Clothes and Jewellery

How to Choose The Most Flattering Colors as Per Your Skin Tone

Deep Tones

Deep skinned and dark eyed women emit sensuality and mystery. The veins on the wrist have a purple tint. The skin glows in bold colored clothes like purples and jade greens. Intense lip colors like plums, burgundy and deep reds look amazing on them. They can easily carry gold or silver jewellery.

Warm Tones

Warm skin tones with brown, hazel, green eyes look best in beiges or off-whites. The veins in their skin have a greenish color. Coral, terracotta red, cocoa colored lippies flatter them more as compared to blue based reds or pinks. Gold looks stunning on them.

Cool Tones

Cool skinned beauties often have blue, gray, greenish-blue eyes. The pristine-ness of the skin looks best in whites and silvers. They can carry blue based pink or red lipsticks with panache. Silver and diamond jewellery bring out the diva in them.

For Hair Colors

How to Choose The Most Flattering Colors as Per Your Skin Tone1

Fair Skin

Lighter skin tones can go lighter with their hair colors. Butterscotch and honey blondes flatter them. More ivory complexions can look gorgeous with platinum or champagne shades.

Medium Tones

This versatile complexion is suited to carry a wide spectrum of shades, and provides a great backdrop for stunning high-contrast highlights. Cooler skinned ladies should stick to tones like sand or walnut brown to counteract any slight ruddiness in complexion. Golden caramel or copper look striking against buttery skin and counter sallowness in warm skin tones.

How to Choose The Most Flattering Colors as Per Your Skin Tone3

Olive Skin

Sultry olive skinned ladies can carry deep intensity colors like chocolate or caramel or burgundy. Some strategically placed highlights in honey or golden colors can add depth. To balance greenish undertones in cool shades, toasty hues like chestnut brown, cinnamon and auburn are excellent.

Dark Tones

Creating a contrast between the hair and complexion is the key for them. If the hair color is too close to the skin tones, the features are not prominent. Deep coffee and inky black create striking impressions on blue-based complexions. Warmer skins should opt for rich warm colors like maple brown, mahogany and toffee to enhance the apricot undertones in skin.

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