How to Choose the Perfect Saree for Your Figure

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A saree is the quintessential part of most of the women of India. A saree that is well draped according to your body type and shape can do wonders to enhance the natural beauty of your body. Let’s find out how you can do that.

How to Choose the Perfect Saree for Your Figure

Sarees for pear shaped body

saree for pear shape
• Women with pear-shaped body have a heavier bottom compared to their upper body. They need fabrics that conceal the heaviness of the bottom and highlight their assets in best possible way.
• Choose soft fabrics like chiffon and georgette to balance the waist and chest area.
• Stay away from stiff fabrics and also drape styles like mermaid cuts as they will highlight your lower body even more.
• You can go for seedha pallu style while draping the saree to divide the attention to the upper half of the body.

Sarees for apple shaped body

kirron kher saree
• Women with heavy stomach and busts come under the apple shaped category. You need something that will take attention away from your upper body.
• Fabrics like silk and georgette with beautiful embroidery work will work great for you. Draping a saree a bit higher above tummy will also help conceal the tummy area.
• Net fabric is a no-no as it will not look as flattering on your body as silk or georgette.
• A simple drape or ulta pallu style can work great for your body type.
• You can also go for plain blouses that are made with lightweight fabrics to avoid adding any bulkiness.

Sarees for voluptuous women

vidya balam
• Women who are slightly on the plump side and are blessed with curvaceous and voluptuous figure can go for lighter fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and net.
• The saree should be lightweight and can have delicate embroidery and beadwork but you need to totally stay away from heavy embroidery.
• Avoid stiff fabrics like cotton and organza and stay away from big-bold prints.
• You can go for simple draping styles with full-sleeved or quarter-sleeved blouse with deep necks to accentuate your curves.

Saree for plus-sized women

saree blouse design
• Women who are on the heavier side should go for fabrics which have a natural fall in them which will make them look slimmer in appearance.
• Choose net, chiffon and georgette fabrics in dark colours with simple and delicate borders to conceal your body flaws and to highlight your curves in the best possible way.
• Cotton and other stiff fabrics tend to make you look broader and bigger so you need to stay away from them.
• You can experiment with various deep neck blouse styles that suit your liking.

Sarees for slim women

half and half saree
• Women who have a slim body should aim for adding curves to the body.
• Fabrics like cotton, brocade, tussar and organza in lighter shades will give you a fuller figure.
• Embroidered sarees with heavy zari and embellishments will work great for you.
• Your saree can also have bigger and bolder prints to add volume to your body. Avoid chiffon sarees and net sarees as they might make you look even more thin and petite.
• You can also choose a variety of blouse styles like puffed sleeves, halter neck blouses or tube blouses.

Sarees for tall women

saree design
• Cotton saree, raw silk saree, pure silk saree or sheer sarees with net & lace work will all work for you.
• Choose sarees with bigger prints and heavy embellishments. You can also go for heavy and broad borders on the sarees.
• Stay away from very plain sarees as they will make you look overtly tall.

Sarees for petite women

shradha kapoor saree
• You can carry off georgette, silk and chiffon fabrics with ease. Plain sarees without any embellishments and designer blouses can also do wonders for your body frame.
• Stay away from bigger prints as they will drown you, go for mildly printed sarees or sarees with thin borders.
• You can try various blouse styles like halter neck, high neck and collar neck.

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