How To Choose The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Colour

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Coloured eyeliners are everywhere now, all the major brands have a nice variety of shades of coloured eye pencils, gel eyeliners and liquid eyeliners. You can easily glam up your look with these. While they are perfect when you just want a little colour on your eyes, you can also enhance your natural eye colour just by using the right shade of eyeliner. Using a contrasting colour to your eye will help to bring out their colour. Want to know which shade will make your eyes pop? Read on..

The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Colour

1. Blue eyes:

The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Colour Blue Eyes

This is considered the most beautiful eye colour. I guess most of the coloured contact lenses sold are the blue ones :P. So people with this eye colour should use neutral colours and let the beautiful blue be the centre of attention. For a daily wear look, use champagne and soft browns. For a bolder look go for dark brown, gold and silver eyeliners.

2. Brown eyes:

The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Colour Brown Eyes

Brown is a neutral colour and you can experiment with all the shades if you have brown eyes. But to really make your eye colour standout, go for green and purple eyeliners. A matte green will be perfect for daytime look and a deep or shimmery purple and shimmery green will be perfect for night time.

3. Green eyes:

The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Colour Green Eyes

People with green eyes should go for contrasting colours like blue and purple. Go for lighter shades of blue like ice blue or light turquoise for a subtle day time look. Shades of purple look stunning on green eyes and a dark purple with a little shimmer can give you a perfect night time look.

4. Hazel eyes:

The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Colour Hazel Eyes

Purple and teal eyeliners will look beautiful on hazel or light brown eyes. For a day time look, go for teal or khaki green eyeliner and for a night time look, get shimmery purple eyeliner or a deep matte purple.

5. Works for everyone:

The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Colour Common Colors

The two shades that work for every eye colour are, Navy blue and Charcoal. These are beautiful shades that can become staple in your vanity. You can go for deep blue for a bold look and a charcoal (grey) for a neutral day look and make your eyes pop with just a single swipe.

After you have selected the perfect shade of eyeliner for your eyes, just apply a neutral eye pencil on your water line with your coloured eyeliner, and finish off with lots of mascara; your eyes are ready to do their magic.

I hope this post was helpful. Please comment below what is your eye colour and which is your favorite shade of eyeliner!

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