How To Clean Gold, Silver and Gemstone Jewellery

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As a kid, I remember my mother adorning her jewellery with utmost care and pride. She was so particular about the way she kept them. One of the many things I learnt from her is that, the sparkle of silver and dazzle of gold is temporary. Yes! With time even the most expensive jewellery tends to lose its lustre. In order to keep them looking new and polished, she would often take them for professional cleaning and they would look as good as new.

Gold jewellery

As a little girl, her jewelry always fascinated me. I guess, some things never change! I love them to bits even now. Guess that’s what makes me a pakka womania.

I am sure such is the case with each one of you and hence resort to professional help for cleaning/polishing them.
Did anyone ever tell you, you can clean your bijouterie at home with basic household items found in the kitchen?
I am going to go ahead and name a few of those items and techniques to clean your jewelry at home.

1. Aluminium foil

DIY- Cleaning Gold, Silver and Gemstones Jewelry Foil

This method is used for cleaning Silver jewelry. Simply line your glass bowl with aluminium foil and fill it with hot water. Add a tablespoon of bleach-free detergent (Tide) or baking soda and soak your silver for a couple of minutes. Rinse it well with water and let it air dry. This procedure uses a chemical process called ion exchange which transfers the tarnish from your jewelry to the foil

2. Dishwashing Liquid or Soap Water

DIY- Cleaning Gold, Silver and Gemstones Jewelry Soap

This method is widely used to clean gold or pearl jewelry. Just add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to warm water and soak your jewelry for 15 minutes. If it’s gold, gently brush the crevices to remove all the dirt. If it’s pearl, use a soft cloth to wipe off. Then dry them with a cloth and leave it for air-drying for a few hours before keeping them inside the box.

3. Ammonia

Use this method to clean your gold and diamond Jewelry. Refrain if you have pearls.
A solution of 1 cup of warm water and 1/4th cup ammonia helps in cleaning your jewelry in a matter of minutes. Soak your jewellery in this solution for 15 minutes and then use a soft bristle brush to scrub away the grime. Pat it dry with a soft cloth and let it air dry.

4. Salt Water Bath

One of the easiest methods to clean your silverware; soak your jewelry in a solution of warm water and salt for a few minutes and see all the tarnish vanish.

5. Toothpaste

DIY- Cleaning Gold, Silver and Gemstones Jewelry Foil Toothpaste

This method cleans your gold jewelry like a miracle. Take a small quantity of mild, abrasive toothpaste on your brush, then scrub off the dirt and grime settled in those hard to reach crevices. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

6. Vinegar Bath

DIY- Cleaning Gold, Silver and Gemstones Jewelry Vinegar

Cleaning your gemstones and gold jewelry will be a cakewalk with white vinegar. Let your jewelry soak in a white vinegar bath for 15 minutes, flipping it occasionally. Remove and scrub gently, if needed.

7. Antacid Bath


Antacid tablets not only soothe your tummy, they also help clean your jewelry. Add 2-3 antacid tablets in warm water and then your jewelry. Keep them in the fizzy solution for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

8. Club Soda

DIY- Cleaning Gold, Silver and Gemstones Jewelry Club Soda

To regain the lost sheen of your precious gemstones, just soak them in club soda overnight and find them gleaming like never before.

9. Baking Soda

DIY- Cleaning Gold, Silver and Gemstones Jewelry Baking Soda

Remove the built up tarnish on your silverware by applying a paste of half a cup baking soda with a few drops of water. You can use a damp sponge to scrub gently. Rinse and Air dry.
Cover your gold jewelry with a layer of baking soda, pour a little white vinegar and rinse it clean.
Do not use this technique if your jewelry has pearls or gemstones as it can loosen the glue or damage the finish due to abrasive nature of baking soda

10. Beer


For solid golds sans gemstones, Dip a cloth in beer and scrub the jewelry gently. Use another cloth to pat dry. This method is used to get back the shine instantly.

So, next time before making a trip to your professional jewelry cleaner, try these tips instead. After all jewelry cleaning isn’t that difficult with the help of numerous stuff lying around your home.

Until then, shine bright like a diamond.

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