How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, every corner of your house should be spic and span. Talking about the makeup kits, every girl craves to have the best cosmetic products and makeup tools for herself. But what about maintaining them? Cleaning your makeup tools are a must so that they remain hygienic for your skin and also to boost up their life. If you can sit hours on the internet surfing, I’m sure you can take some time in sake of cleaning your makeup tools too.

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

1. Hairspray Spouts:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

Hairspray spouts may have lot of dirt and chemicals accumulated over there. All you need to do is wipe out the dirt from the spout and clean it with the help of a cotton ball and nail paint remover. This will peel off the extra dirt and more quantity will be released the next time you use it.

2. Makeup Brushes:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

Makeup brushes are very delicate especially those with natural hair as bristles. You can wash them with a mild shampoo and make sure they are completely dry before using them again. Dishwashing liquid is also a good ingredient used to clean your dirty makeup brushes. However if you have heavy makeup accumulated on the brushes, you can clean them with coconut oil. Cleaning should be done in every 15 days.

3. Eyelashes Curler:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

You should clean the extra mascara that has been left behind on the curler with lukewarm water or a makeup remover. Rubber pads should also be replaced after a few months of usage to ensure good quality results.

4. Hair Brushes:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

Those with wide bristles are very easy to clean but cleaning hair brushes with small size bristles is a tough task. Pull out all the hair from your brush and keep the brush soaked in shampoo water for 2-3 hours. This will help to get rid of dirt easily. Pat it dry completely and allow it to dry in natural air.

5. Straighteners:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

You may have observed a black build-up on the aluminium plates of your hair straightener. You can rub it off easily with the help of alcohol or baking soda. Don’t be aggressive while removing the build-up as scrubbing aggressively may result in damage. The same process can be repeated for your hair curlers too.

6. Hair Dryer:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

You can run a toothbrush over the vent of the dryer. However it depends on the type of hair dryer you own as there might be a different opening in different hair dryer. Tooth brush is the best option to clean your hair dryer from inside.

7. Nail Care Tools:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

Yes, they need as much care as your nails do. Unclean nail tools may cause fungal infections on your nail. Soak all the nail files and tools in a mild shampoo or anti bacterial soap water for 15 minutes then pat dry with a towel. Nail files should be changed after every 2 months.

8. Pencil Sharpener:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

Many of the time the sharpener gets damaged and the blade is of no use. You can unscrew the sharpener from inside and sharpen the blade with the help of a knife and fix it back again.

9. Makeup Containers:

How to Clean Various Makeup Tools

It is obvious that your makeup containers also need cleaning once in a month. Line the corners of your containers with foil paper so that they do not get spoiled by the makeup products.

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