How To Clean your Hair Brushes in 5 Easy Steps

While cleaning makeup brushes is reiterated again and very rarely, we talk about the importance of cleaning our hair brushes. Not only it leads to dandruff, it may also cause scalp infections, hair breakage and so on. This step by step guide will help in giving you an idea of how to clean the stubborn dust, dirt and hair strands from your brush. Also, try cleaning your hairbrush at least once, every fortnight. It’s better you do it every week. So, let’s get started:

Steps to clean hair brushes



Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is dry clean your brush. No, don’t run to the dry cleaners! Just take a cotton swab and clean the dust and hair strands from the brush. Be thorough and use a couple of clean cotton swabs to remove the dry mess.


Step 2: Next, use a hand sanitizer or any alcohol-based sanitizer to disinfect your brush. Pour a generous amount on the brush, spread it with a cotton swab and let it dry. After that use another cotton swab and clean it.


Step 3: If your hair brush isn’t very dirty then you can just wash it off with warm water and let it air dry. I prefer keeping it under sunlight for some time and let it get naturally disinfected.


Step 4: As an additional step, which I have not done here, you can dip your hair brush in a solution of shampoo in warm water. Use a gentle shampoo and create a mild lather. Dip your brush for 10-15 minutes and then wash it under running water. Then dry it as mentioned before. If you use a wooden hairbrush skip this step, as the water will seep deep into the wood and make it brittle and it breaks easily.


Step 5: Do not apply force while cleaning your brushes as it will cause the bristles to break. That will, in turn, lead to trauma to your hair and break them from the middle or ends.


Do share if you found this method useful and tell me if you use any other method for cleaning your hair brushes.

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