How To Complete Your Makeup With Just 3 Products

How To Complete Your Makeup With Just 3 Products

Hey girls,

I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I said that you can complete your makeup with just 3 items. Well, this is probably a pretty basic makeup look but trust me it’s possible to complete your makeup with just 3 products. It’s not impossible. Want to know how? Read on and find out! 🙂


Some days you probably just want to go as minimal as you can because honestly, we all find applying makeup a fuss and when you get up late or you’re rushing, it’s an absolute chore. What I’m about to show is lightweight, it’ll benefit your skin and your pores will be able to breathe through the makeup. Plus, it’s quick and you can sleep in and still have time to do this makeup look.

Step 1:
You know the drill. We’ve got to do the usual cleansing and skincare, that means eye creams, emulsions/moisturizers and sunscreens because sun protection is crucial, essential and should never be left out.
*Optional Step:
You can apply a primer before we start off with the makeup if you feel the need. It’ll help with making your makeup last longer but if you don’t, it won’t make much of a difference anyways.
Step 2:
Now we’re going into the makeup. Whip out your CC Cream and apply it onto the usual areas like your forehead, cheeks, nose and etc. We’re using CC Cream because it’s minimal, better for your skin and super lightweight. Plus all it does is correct your skin tone, which equals to a natural, radiant and healthy look. Applying it with a makeup sponge will actually make it more long-lasting as you can apply it thinly and you can just apply a bit more on areas needed.

3  products makeup routine (2)
Step 3:
Grab your mascara and apply it on your lashes. It’s optional for you to apply on your lower lashes too but I’d say go minimal on the eye makeup and just apply it on your upper lashes. It’ll look neater and more natural. I’ve heard somewhere that even when you don’t want to apply any crazy eye makeup, it’s best to wear mascara instead of eyeliner. Why? Mascara makes your eyes look pretty and you’ll look more awake and energized.

3  products makeup routine (3)
Step 4:
Apply a lipstick of your choice on your lips. I’m sure you also want to highlight your cupid’s bow as I know that when most of us apply lip products, we like to do so. How? Dab a little bit of CC Cream on your cupid’s bow, that’ll create cute and adorable lips. But if you’re wearing a striking color, dab some CC Cream all around the edges of your lips to make your lips stand out.

3  products makeup routine (4)
Step 5:
We need some color on the cheeks, so we’re going to use some blush. Now I’m not going to whip out a blush product because this I did say that you can complete this look with 3 products and I’m sticking to that.
Swatch the previous lipstick on your hand. If your lipstick is not very pigmented, do multiple swatches on your hand so that the color will appear well. However if it’s super pigmented, a swatch should do. Then, add some CC Cream onto the lipstick swatch and mix well with your finger. The tone-correcting function of the CC Cream will naturally neutralize the lipstick color. When you’re done, you’ll have your very own cream blush. Now just use your fingers or you can grab a blush brush and just apply like how you would normally apply cream blushes.

That’s the complete makeup steps and also as said, it was completed with just 3 products. I hope this has helped you somehow and made your makeup bag lighter. Good luck girls! 🙂

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  1. Good tips, Natasha! 🙂 Sometimes, the sheer number of products seems overwhelming! Doing it all with just 3 products is an awesome idea! 🙂

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