How to Contour Dark Skin

Hello beauties,
Contouring or shading is a trick that helps you add more dimension to your face and make it appear more sculpted. It makes your nose look slimmer, cheekbones more pronounced, jaws more defined, eyes more lifted, lips more sculpted and what not! Today’s post is about contouring dark skin, for all our beauties blessed with darker skin tones.

contouring dark skin

How is it different from contouring for lighter skin?

Contouring for dark skin is almost the same as that for light skin. The only difference is in the products used. With lighter skin, you need a darker shade of product for contrast. While with darker skin tones, you use a lighter product to create more dimension. So you use more highlighter than a contouring product.

What products to pick:

For highlighting: Choose a full coverage, high pigment shade. Sheer ones may not pay off as much in darker skin tones. Pick one that is 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
For contouring: Choose a contour shade with warmth and richness, like a bronzer!
face shape

How to:

Step1: Prep your face with a moisturizing foundation.
Step 2: Determine your face shape.
Step 3: Highlight! Highlight the center of your forehead, along the bridge of your nose, chin, cheek bones and jaws according to your face shape.
Step 4: Contrast. Use the contouring product to shade the forehead along your hairline, the sides of your nose, under the cheek bones and under the chin.
Step 5: Blend. Use a patting and sweeping motion to blend the products. First blend the highlighter and then the contour into the highlighter. This will give you better definition. Make sure to blend away any harsh lines.
Step 6: Finish off with a translucent powder for a matte finish. This step can be skipped if you want a dewy finish instead.
before and after contouring

Key points:
• Always use products that are rich in color pay off.
• Always start with the highlighter first to build on the high points of the face and for better definition.
Hope this helped! Do go ahead and give it a try. Take care!

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