How to Convert Old Jeans Into New Shorts

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Here is a fun and at the same time a very useful article for you all. We all have jeans. We continue to buy new jeans according to the changing fasion and forget our old ones. After few days our old jeans do nothing, but just be in the cupboard and wait for the day when they will be taken out 🙂 . Ok so, it is the time to take your old jeans out and do some experiment on it. Today I am going to show you all how to convert your jeans into shorts. I am in love with shorts and so going to convert my jeans into shorts and decorate it as well.

convert old jeans into new shorts

First of all collect the things which you will need:

  • Jeans of course
  • Scissors
  • Inch tape
  • Needle and thread
  • Chalk

convert old- eans into new shorts

The other optional things for decoration purpose are:

  • Brush
  • Acrylic white colour
  • 3D cone
  • Few beads

At last what you need is a little bit of courage to cut your jeans because if your may experiment fail, you will have to face your mumma and give her a reason of why you cut your jeans 😀 . Ok chill it’s not going to happen. Jokes apart, lets get started.

1. Take your jeans and measure it with an inch tape. Mark the place from where you need to cut it, like I did on 18 inches. I did not need any chalk. Now cut it with the help of scissors. Always start cutting from the edge. Make sure that both the sides of the jeans are cut in the same proportion, non is left shorter or longer than the other.

convert old- eans into new shorts

2. Fold it from the bottom once and then twice. Do it on both the sides. Now comes the task of stitching. You just need to stitch the folds from both the sides, so that it wont open up. Your shorts with folds is ready. 🙂

convert old- eans into new shorts

3. Now the other way is to first cut it in the size you want the shorts to be. Then take your scissors and cut small to create a frill.

convert old- eans into new shorts

4. Now the other way is to make your shorts round from the bottom. So, just need to make a semi circle on the bottom of the shorts and cut it. You can also remove some threads to make a border/frill at the end. I tried, but due to the fabric of my jeans it didn’t come out so well.

convert old- eans into new shorts

5. Now my favourite part, fold the shorts from the end like I have done in the picture. Now cut it with scissors and create slits. It looks cool.

convert old- eans into new shorts

6. You can also make designs like I have made with a bobby print design and the help of brush and acrylic white colour. Your can also use 3D cone to create innovative designs and make your shorts look funky. Beads can also be used in a thread to give it a look of it’s own

convert old- eans into new shorts

convert old- eans into new shorts

One more thing you can do is you can bleach your shorts so that no one can recognise that you have converted your jeans into shorts. At last what you need to keep in mind that always stitch your shorts at the corner, so that the stitching of jeans won’t open up and you won’t face any malfunction. Shorts are fabulous, you should just know how to carry your self in them.

Thanks a lot for reading my article. Hope you guys enjoyed it. 🙂

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  1. Wowww!! This is amazing yaaar!! My sis cut my v old embroidered jeans this way. I am sure it rocks for those who can wear shorts!! Super cool!! 😀 😀

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