How To Cure Dandruff At Home Naturally

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Everyone of us have suffered dandruff at some point in our life. And you know how difficult it is to get rid of them once it has occupied its place. I too get dandruff now and then and there is one amazing cure which has never failed to work for me. I have being trying this for years and i must say I am in love with the results it gives me.

I have a very normal scalp and my hair simply gives the results according to my way of treating it! Note that it is not going to be a single pack, or an oil treatment alone, it is a blend of all these that helps. You might need someone to help you for doing this. Now let us move on to the article.

How To Cure Dandruff At Home Naturally

Step 1: Hot oil treatment

I’am not sure from where I got this idea. I guess it is because of my regular TV habits and the beauty tips mentioned in TV Shows!

Use any oil of your choice (just the right quantity to cover your hair length and scalp), and heat it in a low flame for about 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave it for 2 minutes and check if your scalp can bear that heat of the oil. Next, center part your hair. Now, using the back of a tail comb, take one inch vertical portions of your hair towards the ear and oil your scalp, concentrating more on your problem areas. Cover the entire scalp similarly. Apply oil on your hair too. Using the same comb, take portions of your hair, press on the scalp and gently scrub off the dandruff. Do the same on the entire scalp.


Step 2: Apply Hair Pack

Take 2 hands ful of fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight with enough water. Next day, drain the excess water and blend the fenugreek with some yogurt. Make sure the consistency of the mixture is like a hair pack. Take portions of your hair and apply the mask covering your entire scalp. The balance can be used for your hair strands. Wear a hair cap and relax for 30-40 minutes.

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Step 3: Hair Rinse

Wash off your hair either by using a herbal wash powder or a mild shampoo. Make sure your fingers reach every where around your scalp and this helps to remove even the slightest residue of fenugreek from your hair. You can also use an egg to condition your hair. Egg also helps in treating dandruff but I think it only works for some people. So, you will have to check for yourself to see if it helps with your dandruff. Plus, you must have the courage to withstand the smell.! (Warning: My mom yells at me when she sense the smell of egg in bathroom)


Benefits Of The Ingredients:

1. Yogurt

  • Reduces hairfall.
  • Treats dandruff.
  • Gives a soft sheen to hair .
  • Conditions your hair.

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2. Fenugreek

  • Treats hairfall.
  • Banishes dandruff.
  • Gives nutritious hair.
  • Acts as a hair conditioner.

Tada…after drying your hair you could pass through each sections of hair and see if any dandruff remains. In my case, it is gone after the first use itself. If you have severe dandruff, you may have to repeat this every week until your dandruff waved you a goodbye! If you suffer from dandruff so badly, do try this coming weekend and do let me know the results. Waiting to hear from you. See you soon with another post. Take care.

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4 thoughts on “How To Cure Dandruff At Home Naturally

  1. Whenever I try this egg pack or fenugreek-yogurt pack, my hair fall increases like crazy. And oil, hot or cold, makes my dandruff worse.

    1. oh..thats sad midhuna. i havent felt that fenugreek pack increases my hairfall. whats your type of scalp? i wonder if even oiling does not help you, what you can actually put on your hair? 🙁

  2. Great tips but I have heard that people with dandruff issues should steer clear of oil since dandruff occurs because of excess oil! I have really bad dandruff issues and my dermatologist has asked me to keep away from oil completely and I feel that has helped my dandruff a bit!

  3. Loved your tips. Just one thing that I think is necessary to tell here. I had severe dandruff issues. So much that it could be seen even on my brows. I had to seek help from dermatologist. She prescribed me shampoo and told me to use NO OIL AT ALL. Dandruff is aggravated with use of oil; be it in any form, hot or cold, mild or heavy. So hot oil treatment might help to give a lustrous shine to the body of the hair but it won’t help reducing dandruff.

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