How To Curl Lashes with Spoon and Audrey’s Eyelash Curler Review

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon and Audrey’s Eyelash Curler Review

Hello Dear IMBB Girlies,

Hope you all are doing great. Today, I am sharing my most-loved technique with you guys, hope you like it.


First, my take on Audrey’s eye lash curler.


Rs. 100

I am not a big make up person, but I love to doll up when I go clubbing. I love to curl my lashes and put mascara on. There are so many eyelash curlers out there in market, but I believe the best way to curl lashes is with a spoon.

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Earlier I had a curler but its rubber loosened up and then I bought this Audrey’s one. Before buying this, I was thinking to invest in a big brand. I did some search and honestly most people say even the high-end brand curlers are not much different from the ordinary ones. So, I bought this ordinary one. This works fine like the previous one. There is always some lash left on the inner or outer side of the eye. Otherwise, no problem with this. The good thing is its “pink.” I suggest if you are not a pro in doing make up and still have other makeup stuff to spend on, then buy this, it works just fine.

Now the spoon technique:

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon

This is a very easy technique, just needs a little practice. With lash curler, the lashes curled up more in a straight upward direction and with spoon, I get my lashes curled in a flowery upward direction. You can see the difference in photos ( I hope you can).


1: Take a spoon with not very fine edge.
2: Get very near to the mirror.

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon 2

3: Hold the spoon as shown in the picture. Left hand for left eye and right hand for right eye.

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon 3

4: Now, place the thumb under the upper lashes.

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon 4

5: Now slide (massage downwards) the spoon on the lashes from roots towards outer side. Do this very gently.  The lashes will start curling up with little effort.

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon 5

6: Do this for a few lashes at a time. Keep repeating for all the upper lashes.

How To Curl Lashes with Spoon 8

That’s it guys. You can see how my lashes have curled up in a flower shape. This gives the wide open eye look. One eye is done with spoon and one with eye lash curler. I have used Maybelline Volum Express Hyper Curl Mascara.  So, both options works, just on different situations. I personally like the spoon technique if I have much time for it. Hope you like this and do try this, you will see the difference.

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14 thoughts on “How To Curl Lashes with Spoon and Audrey’s Eyelash Curler Review

  1. Really good technique Loveleen, I have heard some people heat the spoon, but that’s so scary *scared* *scared* *scared* *scared* this one is good *haan ji*

  2. u hv nice big lashes…..i have never tried lash curlar…too scared… *scared* *scared* …i generally let my mascara do the magic….. *happydance*

  3. Really good technique Loveleen… but i don’t even have much lashes *cry* *cry*
    i hate my eyes… they are so small n with less lashes :'(

  4. I am scared to try this technique *scared* but such a easy technique *haan ji*
    I love my colorbar eyelash curler *oye balle*

  5. Great post Loveleen *hifive* I liked the technique *pompom* i have heard about eating up the curler with a blow-dryer as well *happydance* but i am always scared *scared* but your eyelashes look very cute *clap*

  6. This is an amazing tutorial for those with straight lashes , gee 😛 Mine naturally curl up , for some weird reason XD And you are very pretty *haan ji* *haan ji*

  7. the spoon technique is amazing and your lashes look beautifully curled. :)) but now I am so used to of using lash curler that I’d probably not use the spoon. But it’s a good technique for starters 🙂

  8. Thanqqqq so much everybody for the appreciation..
    Imp note: when you do the spoon technique, you keep the thumb under the lashes and do not move it, its only the spoon and forefinger which moves and curls up, so you will not pull your hair at all. hope this would help more.
    🙂 🙂

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