How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

I have been a silent reader of this amazing website for almost a year now. I have always admired the work of all of you beauties and I feel Rati di, Jomol di, and Neha di are the elder sisters I never had who have been helping me improve myself inside and out over the past year with all the reviews, tips and tutorials.  After a year of me being Ekalavya and you guys being Dronacharya, I thought it’s about time I post an article on my favorite website.

How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

From childhood, my mother was my hair dresser. Therefore, I have always had hair with “U” cut since that’s the only cut she knew. I continued to have this hair till the end of my degree college.  When I had to attend ethnic day in my college, I wanted to change my hairstyle. So, I went to the salon and had my first “designer” hair cut.  Since then, I always went to the salon for my haircut and never let my mother cut my hair. 😛 😛
One day, I was browsing the internet for DIYs when I stumbled upon “layered hair cut.” I got excited and started searching for more information. In the end, I found several blogs and websites with similar instructions. I summarized all the instructions and came up with this simple DIY layered hair cut.

Next day, I experimented this DIY on my own hair and the result was amazing. My hair looked great; my friends were shocked, surprised and happy upon seeing the result of my experiment.  So here I am sharing my experience with DIY layered hair cut tutorial.

Things you are going to need:

1. Two hair bands/ rubber bands.
2. Scissors.
3. Comb.
4. Water spray bottle.

Step One:

Comb your hair from behind and pull up your hair into a pony tail at the top your head towards the front, and secure it with a rubber band. Take the second rubber band and tie the hair at the end of the pony tail leaving enough hair to hold as shown in the picture (I have used the second rubber band for beginners to mark the line to cut the hair and hold the hair together. Once you get the hang of cutting your hair, you won’t need it).

How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

Step Two:

Hold the hair in between two fingers, right before the line of cutting. Start by cutting the desired length of hair. If you want “U” shaped layered hair, then keep the scissors straight and perpendicular to the pony tail. If you want a tapered look, then slant the scissor and cut the hair. (Here you can spray the water to the portion you are going to cut for more precision. Since this is a simple cut, I haven’t sprayed on any water).

How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

Step Three:

Remove the hair bands, comb your hair down and see if you have cut the desired length of hair. If you are not satisfied, repeat step two and check once again.

Step Four:

This step is optional. You can follow this step if you want more layers near your face. Take the frontal top portion of the hair and pull it up to a pony tail just like how you did in step one.  Take another rubber band, tie the remaining hair at the back of your head like a regular pony tail. Now, take the hair of front pony tail in between two fingers and repeat step two.

How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

Step Five:

Now, remove all your hair bands, comb your hair and voila!!! You have perfectly layered hair!!

How To Cut Your Own Hair in Layers

Now you can flaunt your hair in front of everyone and be proud of your hair cut because it’s done by you!! And you can invest the money you save in buying more make up!! 😀 😀 one stone, two birds!! Isn’t that great!! 😀 😀


1. Make sure that you have clean and dry hair before cutting the hair. Greasy and dirty hair will not give good results.
2. Invest in a good pair of scissors.  Specialized scissors are available just for cutting hair.
3. Check and double check the length of hair you want to cut. You do not want to regret chopping off your hair to an undesirable length. This is very important to check for, especially in step four. If you cut it too short, then you will end up with very short layers that will fall all over your face, unless you want very short layers.

4.  Last but not the least, I have accumulated notes from various sources and formed my own steps and got great result, but if you mess up your hair badly, then I’m not responsible 😛 😛

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    1. hey thank you so much for welcoming into imbb family jomol di 🙂 :* you guys have helped me so much!! 😀 i love you guys a lot <3 <3 xoxo 🙂 thank you 😀

  1. That was an awesome diy sindhu. now i am planning to grow my hair straight. you should have posted this a little earlier 🙁 anyway i will try it in future. I am sindhu too *hi five*

  2. here is the 3rd sindhu who regularly follows IMBB…… hey btw i’ve jet straight and silky hair. Will this hair cut work on my hair type?? i have long hair(falls below my waist). I badly wanna try this out 🙂

        1. another sindhu!! 😀 😀 yes sindhu it will work on your hair too 🙂 be careful while chopping your hair ok 🙂 i had long hair, i shortened it long back. now its not growing back no matter what i do.. 🙁

          and Kusuma same pinch 😀 😀

  3. Awsome DIY!!!I will use similar kind of method which is easy only for me. But could never form a method, to teach my frnd. I will pass this post to her..very detailed post indeed!!!!!!!

  4. welcome to imbb sindhu…\
    and OMG you have some serious guts to chop off your hairs on your own! i dont think i have the heart to touch my hairs :p
    but i must say your result is really impressive!

    1. OMG!! Rati di!! 😀 😀 you are such an inspiration to me!! 😀 your comment made my day!! :*
      i just love to experiment new things, so even if something goes wrong i will get to know what not to do next time. Therefore i dont mind chopping my hair 😛 😛 thank you so much!! 🙂 🙂 😀 XOXO 🙂 :*

  5. Kudossindhu…. This techniqueus so easy and so useful….. And so detailedand precise points… M searching for a guinea pig to try it out thefirst time

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