How to Detect Hidden Cameras

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Recently, Smriti Irani was in the news for detecting a hidden camera in one of the most popular stores in Goa. It was appalling to see how even well established stores could resort to such filthy acts of invading the privacy of women. Whether this incident was true or not, it doesn’t hide the fact that day in and day out, several women fall prey to such vile incidents, unknowingly.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras

Spy cameras can be installed anywhere. They are small HD cameras which can capture videos without your knowledge. So, always be aware of your surroundings, be it a hotel room, restroom, trial room or any other private room in public places. It’s our body and no one has the rights to touch or see it without our consent. On one hand, people talk of protecting and empowering women and on the other, they stoop to such low levelled, shameful acts of humiliating us.

Most of the time, we are unaware of the hideous intentions of people around us and thus, we should not trust anyone and everyone with our dignity and privacy. We should be fully aware of our surroundings and be prepared to face any such horrendous situations. Below, I am listing down a few tips to help you locate such hidden cameras so that you can maintain your privacy.

• Always enter a private room with your mobile phone. It is one device that can come handy in detecting the presence of a hidden camera. Try making a call from the room. If that room has a hidden camera, you will be unable to make calls as the interference in fibre optics during signal transfer blocks your mobile signals.

• Check the room for a hidden camera in a lampshade, a statue, a smoke detector, ring holes of curtains or any such furnitures (table, chair, sofa, cushions) that grabs your attention.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras

• See for additional wires hanging loose and track them down. Usually malls and stores have wires enclosed, so loose wires should be alarming.

• If you are in a room where you have access to the switchboard, just switch off all the lights and check for “indicator lights” such as a red or distinct light.

• Listen carefully for small clicking or buzzing sounds made by these motion sensitive cameras

This list of things that you need to check in a private room might look a bit long and time consuming. But remember, better be safe than sorry!

Another important thing to keep under check is mirrors. You may come across mirrors that are two-way. You never know who is watching you from the other side of the mirror. Conduct a simple test to know if the mirror you are looking through, is safe or not!

Finger Test
Place the tip of your finger on the mirror and observe the reflection. If you find a gap between your fingertip and the reflection, it is a genuine mirror. But, if the gap between the fingertip and reflection in negligible, it is a two-way mirror.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras

Peep Through The Mirror
Two-way mirrors are usually tinted, like we have in cars. Small amount of light can pass through them that helps the person on one side to see the reflection of image from the other side. Try peeping through the mirror in your room. You can block the light by cupping yours hands around your face while trying to see through the mirror. If there is any hidden room behind the mirror, you should be able to see it right away.

Flashlight Test
You can try finding out the presence of a hidden room or camera behind the mirror by a flashlight test. Switch off the lights in your room and flash your phone’s light on the mirror. If there is any observation room behind the mirror, the light from your phone will make it visible.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras

If and when you come across such a situation of having discovered a hidden camera or two-way mirror in your private room, do not panic. Act calm and pretend like you haven’t found anything. Creating a ruckus will only alarm the people doing it and they might disconnect the device and delete the footage, if any. You do not want them to get away with it.

Next, inform the cops about it. Informing the store or hotel authority will be of no use as they might be involved in it too and will do anything to prevent you from jeopardising their reputation.

We must all do our bit in making our surroundings safer for every woman. I agree, it can’t happen overnight, but doing our part and taking matters in our hands is definitely a step towards it. Please do share these tips with everyone you know so that you can prevent mishaps.

Hope you guys found these tips helpful. Stay safe!

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  1. I had read about this finger test long time back and used to try this this…but not so many tips…really informative Rakhi. 🙂

  2. Very useful tips! Especially the flash one. Thank you so much Rakhi! I read a similar article yesterday too! Shocking that it still happens in famous places 🙁

    1. I just wanted to spread the word and make sure our girls are aware of the techniques completely. Thank you so much for the platform Rati 🙂

  3. so many tips, very informative. i only knew about the finger test and the mobile- calling one. thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. After the Smriti Irani episode, that too in a Fab India store, I do think such a post is a must read, good one rakhi 🙂

  5. i had read about few of them! But if we use the flashlight technique wont the person in the hidden room get alarmed? I mean we switch off the lights and then use the flash so it may alarm the person and he may try to escape or may find the situation fishy! or maybe I’m just being paranoid!

    1. Yes Sadhna That’s a very good question. The trick here, as i mentioned earlier is too keep your cool. You have to pretend that you haven’t noticed anything despite trying the techniques. so that will give you some time to act accordingly. The people will get alarmed only if they see you panic stricken. we can act as if we are just doing a normal check but haven’t found anything.

      Hope this answers your question 🙂

      1. ooh yes that would be appropriate! Will try some of these steps the next time I’m in a changing room! 😀

  6. I always do the Finger Test on Mirrors !! Nice Article.. need to look for other things as well… Thanks.. Really good info..
    We should be alert while travelling in trains as well..

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