How to Detox Your Wardrobe

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How are you doing? I am doing good and hope you all are loving my articles. Today, I would be speaking about how to detox your wardrobe. Cleaning our wardrobe is something that we always think about but ultimately fail to do. Cleaning our wardrobe every once in a while is important, just like how cleaning your body is important. If you have ever thought about detoxifying your wardrobe, here are a few tips that will help you.


Clean your wardrobe

One of the most important and basic steps when it comes to detoxifying your wardrobe is to clean it thoroughly. Remove all your clothes from the cupboard and start cleaning in between the spaces. Once you are done with cleaning, sort out the clothes that you don’t need anymore.

Sort out


Another important thing to remember is to sort out things which aren’t useful for your future. There must be many clothes in your wardrobe which are old, torn or old fashioned; remove such clothes. Organise the remaining; this means the clothes that you currently use or will be using in future. If there are clothes that you haven’t worn in 4-5 months, chances are you won’t wear them in future either, so just discard them.


You should differentiate all your clothes in four different sections and areas. You should keep your regular dresses together while your night dresses should be arranged in one place. Party and expensive clothes should occupy another section of the cupboard while other normal garments should be kept in a different part.

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You should keep all your denims together while all your tops and shirts should be hung properly on hangers. Keep all your kurtas one upon the other and maintain another section for your salwar or leggings. Divide your clothes accordingly so that the next time when you are confused about which denim to wear, you can see the denim collection at once and pick up the apt one.

Make a list

Now once you have compiled and arranged all your clothes, make a list of clothes you want to add to your closet. This will help you fill in any ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe and make you arrange all those items which you probably need.



Always pay attention to the layout of the clothes. You should arrange your clothes in such a layout that it helps to reflect how you get dressed. Always make sure that you keep your clothes in one area and accessories in another small area. Carefully integrate your handbags on the hooks or sideways of the wardrobe. So ideally, arrange your wardrobe in such a way that you’re always able to find what you need.

Act smartly

I’m sure you might have dividers and drawers in your cupboard. Use them properly. Use hooks to store accessories and also add shelf dividers. If possible, create a separate space for your shoes. However, if you prefer storing shoes in some other area, it is perfectly fine.

Use uniform hangers


In order to make your wardrobe look clean and organised, use uniform hangers. Felt or wooden hangers are the best choices. Clean your wardrobe on a regular basis so that your wardrobe is clean and streamlined.

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