How to Dress on Dates and Why


I am back with another article. This is my first article on styling, and this refers to the common dilemma faced by us girls – What to wear on dates, will I look too granny or will I look too loud or just an eye candy and will give the wrong impression on the initial dates! There are a lot of different kinds of dates – going out for movies, going to a restaurant, or hanging out with friends or even going for a walk or a long drive. The date or venue choice can be endless and with that comes the confusion of what to wear! So today, I am going to share some tips which will make the decision easier for you. There are certain things which should always be keep in mind while preparing for a date.

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• Choose The Dress and Accessories You Are Most Comfortable In

Most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable with the choice of clothes and shoes you have made. It is of no use if throughout the date you have to think about your hemline or your neckline. Or if your concentration is bugged by the pinch in your foot. Choose the dress and accessories you are most comfortable with.

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• Don’t Ever Go Overboard On Make-up

Always try to keep it minimal. Highlighting your strong features is okay, but don’t go on and put on a blood red lipstick or smoky eyes or long eyelashes with loads of mascara on a regular basis. This distracts the guys from looking at just you and, instead, he gets caught in the lines in the lips or the mangled lashes. Once in while these tricks are okay, but don’t follow them regularly.

• Select Your Perfume Carefully

It should not be too strong or overpowering sort, and it should work for 3-4 hours also. Always keep a deodorant handy.

• Never Try On A New Dress Or A New Pair of Shoes On Initial Dates

Always follow the tried and tested things. Choose a dress in which you are sure that you will feel comfortable or a shoe which can endure 2-3 hours or more, sometimes, at stretch and not make you feel uncomfortable.

• Do Not Wear A Lot of Branded Stuffs On Your Initial Dates

This will bring you as high-maintenance girl which might make the guy a bit wary. Dress up simple and sophisticated. Let the guy know you first, just for who you are.

Now, there are a lot of times when you are to go to the movies or dinner or a walk or hanging out with friends, and you start thinking what would be best choice or combination to wear. You should make sure that the dress/attire you select does not make either your date or you your date conscious.

• Movie Dates

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When you are to go out for movies alone with your date, you can opt for a pair of well-fitted jeans and a top or t-shirt or even kurti. Don’t accessorize heavily or boldly. In fact, pair your clothes with nice, chic shoes/sandals/boots and a funky bag.

• Date at Clubs and Lounge

When you have go out on a date in a restaurant or a new club or hip lounge, you can try to be bit more demure. Try on that cute dress or a maxi dress or that hot top, keeping in mind the venue where you are going. You can accessorize with matching earrings or a necklace, but do not use both if they are bold or clunky.

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• Shopping Date

Put on a boyfriend jeans and a button down shirt if you are to go for shopping. Guys, though, might not admit, but they like it when the girls relax a bit, and go for casuals from time to time. Relax on the makeup as well, just use a BB cream and lipstick/gloss/tinted balm and kohl.

• Long Drive

If you are going for a long drive or bike ride, make sure that you carry a hairstyle which will be okay after enduring wind flowing through your hair. My best bet would be a messy hairstyle from the beginning. Make sure you carry shades and put on sun proof makeup. Don’t forget to carry essentials like wipes and water.

Wear boots/shoes and also you can put on a jacket or denim attire, which gives the ultimate biker girl vibe. On dates like these where time can increase from an hour to two or three, make sure you keep in mind your comfort first.

• Dinner Date

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If you are to go out on a dinner date at a romantic venue, and you want to take it to the next level, then go all out romantic demure on him. Bring out your LBD or a red dress and make sure you concentrate on your lips and eyes and those sexy heels. You can also choose Indian attire here – nothing with heavy work, something chic and printed which enhances the silhouette.

• Hairstyling Tips

Pay attention to your hairstyles as well to the venue. Take in consideration if you have to spend time under air conditioner or someplace out. Open hair might be chic for a romantic on a dinner date, but not so much if you are going for a walk on the beach or a park.

• Select Your Lingerie Well

The last, but not the least important point carefully select your lingerie as well. Now, my by this selection of lingerie I do not mean just for the occasions when you have planned something special! Well, for other occasions also select your undergarments carefully considering your comfort. Choose depending what’s most suitable with the dress you are wearing.

Here were some tips which would, hopefully, make your decision easier for the next date out. So blow your guy’s mind out the next time you two go out. Remember, no matter who you are, you should not have to change yourself for anybody. A guy who would love you for real would not want or wish for you to change drastically or come out of your comfort zone.

Do what you feel comfortable or confident doing! Although, looking good is important, it is not the most important thing in the world. Get to know the guy and let him know you, which is and should be more than just cool clothes and good looks. The initial dates of a new relationship are really important, pay attention and take care.

Have happy and romantic dates. 🙂

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