How To Drink More Water When You Don’t Feel Thirsty Enough!

By Soni M.

How many times have we heard that water is good for our skin and health in general and we should drink enough water (up to 8 glasses per day!!). But do we actually drink sufficient water?? I had problems with my water intake as I never felt thirsty enough!! My friends used to tell me that I could survive in desert without water for many days. That is just too much of an exaggeration as water is our basic need. I used to drink water but not enough! I faced many health issues and was advised by many doctors to drink more water. Finally, I adopted a few tricks and tips to get more water into my routine. I could say I feel so proud of myself now! I would love to share what worked for me with you all so that you can also get inspired and increase your water intake.

How To Drink More Water When You Don’t Feel Thirsty Enough!

How much water one needs??
Well, there are various factors which are to be considered on deducing how much water one should drink – like weight, height, weather and lifestyle. 8 glasses of water a day is a general figure, you need to figure out how much water your body needs. There are many websites and apps which can give you approximate figure on how much water your body needs.  A few symptoms to tell that you are not drinking enough water: There are many symptoms but I would shortlist what I faced:

1. Frequent Headache.
2. Dry skin and lips.
3. Not sweating enough.
4. Feeling tired all the time.

After many failed attempts at increasing my water intake, I finally got determined on improving it as part of my wedding preparations!! Yes, girls can do anything to look good for their wedding. This actually motivated me to get the bridal glow on my skin. Here are some tips and tricks which worked for me:

1. Water Apps:

There are some really cool apps which can help you in your journey. In fact, 80 percent credit I would give to these apps for keeping me motivated. I tried 3-4 apps and finally found the one which is made for lazy people like me. These apps can calculate how much water you need as per your lifestyle. You can feed data about glasses and cups and distribute in your whole daytime. They give timely reminders on how much water you drank and how much more needs to go in. A few of the apps give such motivational messages, you would easily fall into the trap!! It took me some time to get used to the apps as I needed to feed every intake of water I consumed which was kind of demanding. But when I recorded my whole day routine initially, I realised how much less water I was actually taking. I always knew that I drink less but seeing the figures gave me goosebumps! I was drinking just 20 percent of what I should be drinking.

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How To Drink More Water When You Don’t Feel Thirsty Enough phone app

2. Carrying a bottle or tumbler all the time:

I kept one tumbler with me all the time to record the exact measurements of water I was drinking. Even if I was not in a mood to record the readings in my app, I knew how many glasses I was taking from this. I spend most of the time in office, so I always keep a tumbler right beside my screen, so I know I need to drink NOW! I also realised that I was not drinking enough water as I used to drink from bottle without sipping. So, I carried a tumbler with a lid everywhere, this helped me in sipping the water and finish the whole glass at a time.

3. Increasing other drinks:

I also increased other liquid intake slowly. I used to carry fruit juices to office for sipping post meals. Many times, I used to drink lime water or glucose water during hot days.

How To Drink More Water When You Don’t Feel Thirsty

4.  Rewarding yourself:

I was actually feeling good when I used to finish my 100 percent water intake for the day. I used to treat myself with mini rewards like favourite chocolate or makeup stuff. This made the whole thing more interesting. The only tough part here was setting into the routine for a month. Also for the fact that when you are not used to drinking more, you are not used to go peeing more. This may sound funny but I had rough time dealing with this. I was drinking every half an hour and needed to pee every other half an hour too. It felt a bit irritating at the start especially during office hours, but then I got used to it for better. I could easily drink more water after getting into the routine, in fact I started feeling thirstier and drank more.

If you are someone like me who does not drink enough, please try the above tips and give yourself some time. I assure you will feel good once you get into the routine.

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  1. I used to forget drinking water earlier but then I started using an app and it helped me develop a habit. I would feel guilty for not drinking enough water whenever I used to snooze the app alarm. So ya, such apps really help. I loved the article, Soni. You have given fab tips! 🙂

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