How To Enjoy a Spa at Home

Take a deep breath! Relax! Make your home your haven! This time, I am not taking you to the world’s most expensive spa! No expensive bath tubs! No exotic locations! It’s your own bath, instead! God’s sake, I will not join you! Know for yourself what liquid refreshments can do to your mind and body! Indulge in your own ritual! You really deserve more than what you think you deserve! Most of us get time for the real spa as things are perfectly planned! It’s not the same perfection and punctuality for home spa! Just because you have to scrub your own back doesn’t mean you have time only for the real spa! At least, once in a while refreshment does no harm! Home spa is great alternative for those apprehensive to visit the real spa!


Don’t think spa is something you cannot afford or achieve! It’s hardly a bath scrub and warm water, but in a magical way! Only difference between the real spa and home spa are some titbits! I cannot go in search of sea kelp or minerals if I am in my home town, right? Such benefits can be availed at real spa! Otherwise, you get all the fun you deserve for absolutely nothing by home spa! Who wants to dress up to visit the spa only to get undressed?

All you need for home spa will be a peaceful environment, music, candles and magazines! Practically speaking, you also need a long-handled brush, body scrub, robe, slippers, bath gel, toning mitt and body lotions! Get hold of all the spa stuff you can! You can also try a manicure and pedicure! No harm if more rituals are included! It’s your “Me Time”! So, kindly turn off the mobile! Stress can be contagious, so avoid transmitters!

Run warm water and add bath gel/bath foam/bath salts to the water! Pick any of your favourite spa-inspired product range! If you are into floral scents, try Body Shop’s Moringa foam bath! If you are into yummy scents, try Shea foaming bath! If you are in a funky mood, try shimmer foam bath! In fact, you can choose your bath and body products at Lush or Body Shop!


Dip down in the bath! Scrub the damp skin! Take the help of long-handled natural bristle brush for hard-to-reach areas! Steam your face! Include facial scrub, as well! Try toning mitt on areas like thighs, knees and hips! In fact, use the mitt on all the areas prone to cellulite! Rinse off!

Prepare your feet for a pedicure! Take lukewarm water in wide mouthed basin, add sea salt and dip your feet! Soak your feet for about 15 minutes! Exfoliate with a foot filer or pumice in circular movements! Concentrate on heels! You can try a foot scrub like Body Shop Peppermint Soothing Foot Scrub. You can include neck, shoulder and back massage! You can try some home-made scrubs! Make Coffee scrub with coarsely ground coffee, sugar and olive oil!

Music is the medicine of mind! Music in spa doesn’t mean heavy metallic sounds which make you puke after a while! Try soothing music like Enigma, Buddha Bar or anything of the sort! Sip your favourite drink! If you are a book worm, pick your favourite book! Let it be a magazine or a novel! Stay away from thrillers! They might spoil the spirit of rejuvenation, I personally feel! No harm in reading, though! After all, you are the boss!

Get your eye mask on! Masks are ideal for reducing puffiness around the eyes! If you are comfortable with eye pads, dip cotton in rose water! You can also have cucumber slices on! Once you are done with your bath, pat your skin dry! Moisturize with your favourite products! Don’t look for your Gucci gown! Wrap yourself in your spa robe! Look into the mirror! Whom do you see? You, of course! Happy home spa, lovelies!

Divija Reddy

Thank you Divija for such a relaxing post. – Rati 🙂


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  1. Hi Divija…

    That was a great post. I always wanted to try a spa at home and this will really help. Must try now…..couldn’t keep count of the exclamation marks though!!!! 😀


  2. Feels like a dream…….your description almost took me through a spa experience….I always neglect my feet, you just gave me a very simple way to do it and I am going to try it today itself….thanx.

  3. Oh Wow Divija…. I’ve had a really long day today and I just wanna jump into a bath.. Great words.. Feeling relaxed just by reading… 🙂

  4. *sigh* I need this! I love yr exclamations Divs 😀 they are so effective. Might have a home spa day this weekend


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