How to Fake Glowing Skin on a Bad Skin Day

Hi beautiful ladies,
How many times in a week you wake up with a morning face you declare “a walking disaster”? Puffy eyes, dry flaky lips, dull skin, enlarged pores and what not. You know it’s a bad skin day and you have to deal with it throughout the day. If you are lucky enough to stay at home, it is easy to survive such days but when you are going out, you need to get out of that “I can’t face my face” trauma. And honestly, we need go out most of the times, reason being sudden shopping plans, college and office for most of us or just to run an errand. So, you need some tips and tricks to ‘fake’ a glowing skin. Keep reading to know about them.

Deepika padukone glowing skin

Apply strobe cream before foundation/BB /CC cream:

To cheat a glow from within skin, you need to apply a thin layer of strobe cream or an illuminating primer. This will make sure the high points of your face look plump and your face has some dimension.
Make sure you follow your CTM before you start with this ‘oh-so-good skin’ mission.

Use color correctors:

color corrector
If you have redness around nose, a few hot red breakouts (thanks to that spicy dinner), and dark circles, you better go for color correctors to hide them. With color correcting, they are hidden better while concealer can’t really cancel out the uneven tone caused by these little ‘demons’.

Use a mix of hydrating and pore-filling primer:

When you are dealing with such bad skin, you need hydration but to fill those nasty pores you do need something else. So, combining a hydrating and a pore-filling primer will help you get a flawless skin.

Keep drinking water:

This is the first thing you must do when you wake up. Keep drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated and not look pale. Add some mint leaves and lime wedges to normal water, this will detoxify you in the mildest way possible.

Apply some mustard oil on your belly button:

Now, this may sound weird but doing this gives you plump fuller lips. You can replace mustard oil with coconut or olive oil but my mother says mustard oil is the best.

Stay low on contour and high on highlighting:

If you are going for full makeup and that includes contouring and highlighting, then you must stay low on contour and high on highlighting. Go for ‘strobbed face’ rather than contoured to avoid looking dull and muddy with such skin.

Use cream blush:

Cream blushes keep skin moisturized and don’t emphasize those enlarged pores on cheeks.

Use lip stains:

lip stain
For those lovely lips, choose some hydrating lip stains rather than thick lipsticks which may look unflattering on dry flaky lips. Keep it in your handbag for quick touch ups.

Facial massage:

Take your favorite moisturizer or facial oil and give yourself a soothing facial massage after cleansing your face. This will improve the blood circulation and make your skin glow. The dullness will fade away and your face will look rejuvenated. Make sure you remove extra moisturizer or oil with a blotting paper or just wash it off and then again for a lighter moisturizer. You do not want to look like a grease ball anyway.

Go for a flattering hairstyle:

To take away attention from that face, you can go for a flattering hairstyle. Give yourself some curls or a doughnut bun. A messy braid looks very elegant with kurtis and other Indian attires. Blow dry for side swept bangs and some hair spray on the top for a gorgeous face framing.

Some tips:
1. On such days, refrain from oily food and keep your diet healthy.
2. Keep your makeup as light as possible so that your skin can keep breathing.
3. Use facial mists to refresh your face and neck after every 3-4 hours.
4. Keep blotting paper handy to get rid of that oily t-zone.
5. Avoid smoking, drinking and stay low on salt because that gives you puffy morning face.
6. Scrub your lips with sugar and olive oil.
7. Do not forget your sunscreen to protect your skin from further pigmentation.

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