How to Find the Most Flattering Necklines for Your Body Type

By Chanchala Bose

Hi, fashionistas!
Have you ever wondered how some dresses fail to complement your body? Have you ever thought how the neckline of your outfit can impact the way your body appears? So, in today’s post, let me explain you how different necklines suit different body types, and help you select the most flattering necklines as per your body type.


The V Neck

v neck dresses
Since this is an elongated shape, this one is supposed to create an elongated and vertical look. If you are more on healthier or let’s say bulkier side, then this one is for you as it gives a leaner appearance. And, for those who are a bit short, V neckline is perfect. Also, if you don’t have the proper shoulders, like if you have wide shoulders or if you have very small shoulders, then this V neckline is perfect for you. Also, if you want to look a bit sexy, then you can go for this neckline.

Square Neckline

square neck
The most sophisticated neckline which really flatters most of the women! But, to be specific, I think women with heavier busts would surely go with the square neckline as it brings out the collarbone and thus gives you a perfect feminine look. Women who have a great neck pattern with gorgeous collarbones should definitely go with this type of neckline as it will look wonderful on them. If you are a skinny or small chested girls, make sure you wear good amount of padding to create a fuller chest appearance, otherwise this neckline is not for you.

Turtle Neckline

turtle neck
This neckline ends just a few inches below your chin. It covers your entire neck and creates a voluminous pattern at the bottom of your neck area. Such necklines look very stylish and trendy. But, I believe, this is one of the trickiest necklines and thus you should take extra care while wearing this one. You can wear this when you want to hide your extra long face or neck. But if you are on heavy side, have a small neck or a broad face, this necklines is a strict no-no for you.

Scoop Neck

scoop neck
This is the perfect neckline to display a bit of your collarbone and can work in both ways to elongate as well as to shorten your neck area, depending on the pattern. It is equally good for the short and athletic body types. It is perfect if you want to create an impression for a bigger bust area. Also, for the hourglass body shape, it can work as a balance between the upper and lower body part.

Sweetheart Neckline

sweetheart neck blouse
One of the classic necklines! And, as the name suggests, it creates a heart like shape above your breast area and forms a very feminine neckline. It is perfect for large busted ladies. But, with a well-fitted neckline, even women with smaller busts can create a fuller chest look. It also elongates your body and provides a better appearance.


strapless gown
It is worn widely in case of parties or on any other special occasions. It tends to flatter wide shoulders and small bust lines really well. It also works well to elongate your neck and decolletage area.

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