How To Get a Sharper Jawline

Not everyone is born with chiseled features or high cheekbones because the facial structure is determined by genetics, but it’s very much possible to get a sharp and well-defined jawline by following certain tricks, and we are not talking about contouring technique that helps to cut angles and shape facial features using makeup. We can define the jawline and get a toned and slimmer face by following a proper diet and exercise routine because often facial fat hides the sharpness and definition of the jaw. To get a sharp jawline, we should give more importance to toning and strengthening muscles of the jaw. Since spot reduction of facial fat just does not work, toning facial muscles and losing overall body fat are the ideal solutions, and the good thing is that since the fat on the face is not considered “stubborn,” as belly or thigh fat, it’s relatively easy to lose. In this post, we list down ways to get a sharper jawline and in the process, you can look younger and get rid of the double chin as well.

How To Get a Sharper Jawline

1. Lose Weight by Getting on the Right Kind of Diet: As we have mentioned previously, you can get a sculpted and a slimmer face permanently by following the right kind of weight loss diet, such as on the Rati Beauty app. When you lose weight, it would show on your face too, and your face would slim down just like the rest of your body.

2. Cut Down on Salt to Prevent Water Retention: Foods rich in salt and MSG (monosodium glutamate) can cause bloating and puffy face. Avoiding high-sodium foods can help you get rid of puffiness that leads to temporary facial swelling. Also avoiding processed foods would help lower water retention.

3. Practice Facial Yoga: Exercising those muscles is one of the best ways to get better oxygen circulation through the face, to tighten and firm up skin as well. Facial muscles need to be worked upon too, for a sculpted and toned look. As we age, collagen production drops, and facial skin tends to become saggy and loose. The best way to get a toned face is to spend some time doing facial yoga. Practice these 7 Facial Yoga Exercises to Tone Your Face and Get a Sharper Jawline.

4. Say no to Refined Carbs: Refined carbs flood the body with empty calories that later get stored as fat, even on your face, and over a period of time, with unhealthy eating habits, double chin would make an appearance, hiding your jawline. Cutting back on refined carbs can prove beneficial in weight loss and ultimately in losing facial fat.

5. Have you Heard about Jade Rollers? Jade is a healing stone that has been used since ages in traditional Chinese medicine to detoxify and rejuvenate facial skin. A jade roller has two jade stones on either sides, one side has a bigger stone that is meant to tone cheeks, forehead and neckline area and the smaller stone helps to massage delicate areas like under eyes and sides of the nose. It applies gentle pressure on your skin and relaxes your muscles, and boosts lymphatic drainage, leading to detoxification. By using a jade roller, your skin becomes detoxified, tight and firm. Since jade roller massage boosts blood circulation is boosted, your skin feels invigorated and looks refreshed from within. It also helps in chiseling your face to some extent and in creating a well-defined jawline. Here’s a detailed post on How to Use Jade Roller Correctly.

6. Facial Exercises: While we have talked about facial yoga previously in the post to tone facial muscles, we are going to share with you 5 facial exercises that will make you look get that sculpted and defined look in this post.

7. Chew Sugar-Free Gum: The constant chewing motion works on your jaw muscles and helps define them. It also tightens up the chin area, so one can get rid of the double chin as well. Chewing on a sugar-free gum wouldn’t add any calories and you would be toning your jaw muscles all day long, and that’s a bonus.

8. Cardio exercises: The fat layer over your jaw muscles hide that jawline and that’s why you need to melt away that excess fat to see the definition around the facial muscles. Cardio exercises are great to burn calories quickly and boost the fat-burning process, and that’s why, we have put together 8 Cardio Exercises to do at Home for Weight Loss.

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