How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat

We all know that heat on hair is just no good, yet we still fall prey to the myriad heat provoking tools that slowly but steadily damage our hair. Hair comprises mainly of proteins commonly known to us as keratin and our hair is composed of 3 layers – the Medulla, Cortex and Cuticle. It is these cuticles that protect the inner layers and lend that shiny smooth texture. Any appliance, be it hair dryers, straighteners or curling irons eventually cause the hair cuticles (the outer most layer of the hair shaft) to be stripped off causing the cells to break or expand exposing the moisture that is trapped within. That’s when our hair becomes brittle resulting in dull and split end-prone hair. Now, I know you must be thinking, well there are all these new innovations in heat styling appliances such as ionic technology etc. that help restore damaged hair and you’re absolutely right my lovelies, but all this should be used sparingly. Moderation is the key!

I was a victim to daily blow drying once upon a time and now I barely touch a hair dryer. For those occasions when I need a complicated hairdo, I visit the salon and treat myself to blow drying but like I said that’s once in a while. At home, I now religiously adhere to air drying my hair. But air drying makes hair so frizzy and often limp hair.  Yes that can be the case, but with some trial and error, I have found some heat-less techniques to style hair and be ready for any event. Here’s how I love to create heat-less waves in my hair that look oh-so natural and bouncy:

How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat


1. Air dry your just-washed hair to about 90% as hair should be slightly damp but not too much.

2. Divide hair into two sections (either choose a middle parting or a side one like mine).

3. Twist each section of hair outwards till the very ends. You want the waves/loose curls facing outwards as it looks better than inwards.

How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat

4. Take each twisted roll of hair and clip it over the crown of your head with some clips to keep it in place and do the same with the other section. You can use bobby pins if you like but I find that they leave dents in my hair so I like using these small clutch clips as they grasp the twisted rolls of hair perfectly.

How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat

5. Now, let your slightly damp twisted hair air dry. If you’re in a hurry, you may use a dryer as that won’t involve too much heat but I stick to no appliances at all. I’ve even driven to my destination with my hair tied up this way and then opened my hair just before getting out of the car, gives me more time to set and air dry my hair.
6. Once the hair is completely dry and you have given your hair enough time to set (a couple of hours since you’re not using heat or products), then open the twisted rolls and start piecing the waves out with your fingers OR flip your hair over and back and voila….natural sexy waves that will stay put.

How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat

How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat

How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat

Don’t brush or comb. They should look au naturel and somewhat tousled. Mine stay for ages till I brush them flat or wash the next day. Enjoy your gorgeous hair!

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26 thoughts on “How To Get Natural Bouncy Hair Without Using Heat

    1. Hope you do Lisha….just ensure hair is slightly damp and dries fully before you finger-open the waves or else waves will be limp

  1. Great tutorial. I have been doing this for ages. Straightening my hair regularly left them dry and damaged so I pledged never to use heat on my hair again. BTW if you use some serum the waves come out really smooth.

  2. I have been making a messy bun on damp hair n gettin the same curls… the only difference being I have brown hair….this technique is also supa easy… got a new way outt…. 🙂

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