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Its Neha asks:

Hi Sweeties,

Hope your New Year has started with a bang. Today, I am again placing a
query and I am sure you all will take me out of this problem.

image 1

I have to detail a bit to make you understand my situation. I have fair but sensitive skin which is flawless (touchwood), thin lips, big eyes. Being a girl, I love makeup and want to look good but I cant do because
even after taking so much precautions to not go over the top, it gives a madeup looks to me. E.g. I can’t carry darker shades of lipstick even when I keep my eyes bare. Even when I apply talcum powder at home from the
regular dabbas, even then it looks like I had applied tons of foundation. A little bold color with a thin line of kajal gives me look of Chameli (yes I mean that). My sister says you look good simple.
But I want to experiment with make up, but just can’t so I have to stick to lighter shades of lipsticks and just kohl, eyeliner. I am not getting where I am going wrong, so please suggest me what should I do and also a good foundation and compact which doesn’t look over the top to me. I am attaching a picture taken randomly from Google images to give you all a better idea of what I mean. This look is closer to me when I put dark colors.

Thanks a u all muahhh 🙂

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23 thoughts on “How To Get Natural “No Makeup” Look: Ask IMBB

  1. It is quite possible color shows up much more on u than say me… I look dead without makeup and my face badly needs color
    for u it may be the opposite so its totally fine
    stick to powder foundation only that is,say yellow if you have yellow undertones (visit mac for help)

    and dont outline your lips or anything, just apply light shades like colorbar amber, pink charm lippies for every day wear and smudge the color on your lips 🙂

    for eyes smudge a brown pencil, stick to smudged makeup rather than bold defined lines on you face , that it wat i feel you are getting wrong 🙂

    1. couldnt have said it better. Avoid lining your eyes harshly , instead use soft brown pencil liners and smudge with a q-tip. wear a simple tinted gloss and very light peach coloured blush (if you are keeping eyes bare ).

  2. I think your biggest issue is confidence! Yes! I have been there and to be honest I am not comfortable with bold lips right now hubby says you just need to have that confidence to carry it off and I truly believe it!
    Its not wrong to experiment with colors in makeup but you need to figure out what shades suits you..for eg i love to wear bold lips with a thick black eyeliner and lots of mascara!
    for everyday look I highly suggest you to use a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream since it gives low coverage and would be perfect for your skin since you already have a grt skin..depending upon the finish use a good setting powder to set your bb cream..since i love matte finish i like to set it using ben nye banana looks extremely natural!
    another thing might be check the shade of foundation you are using..if the shade is incorrect then you will def look made up! also always blend the foundation on your neck as well..if you leave it only on your face then your face n neck will be of diff color n look odd!
    for neutral looks i highly suggest you look out for shades like mac soft brown, satin taupe, arena etc or get urban decay’s naked palette
    at last don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and most importantly have confidence and carry yourself well as if you belong there!

    1. yeah i also wonder whether i am looking good or not when i put bold colors, i will keep in mind ur suggestions dear and try to overcome my mistakes one by one.. thnx

      1. hey worries dear…with some tinted moisturizer set with loose powder you will look flawless..also for eye makeup if you are worried..try using single colors on your eye lids cos many a times multiple eye colors n make you look over has happened to me..also blending the eyeshadow in the crease is extremely extremely important so that it blends to almost nothing upto brow bone..hope m making sense 🙁
        another suggestion if you are going for bold smokey eyes very imp to have bright under eye area if your under eye area is dark n dull the whole look will go flat!
        hope this helps 🙂

  3. Go for cream blushes or makeup tints. They give the natural lovely look without looking over the tip. For bright lip colors, you have to pull them off. If you yourself are not comfortable carrying off bold colors, it would show on your face and then all your’d do is wipe off the color and apply a lighter shade. It sort of takes time for someone who does not do too much makeup and jumps directly to brighter colors. You can move from wearing sheerer brighter colors as opposed to the full on bold shades.

    regarding eyes, you can choose colors such as browns or green as opposed to back. That would blend more with your complexion and would not look stark.

    Try mac face and body foundation or lakme invisble foundation. Both are very light and look like your second skin. 🙂

  4. i have the same prob…everything looks made up on me. i have rosy fair skin which needs no blush..i have really thick long lashes courtesy of castor oil every night and my mom frequently asks me if i put kajal on me. my brother hates something as simple as a powder on me even if its baby powder. its because of my skin nature. i have too tight skin that nothing gets absorbed into it and everything is like a layer on me. even something as simple as natural alovera jel gets a layer on my skin insted of getting absorbed after sometime…..its pain and a boon.its like babies. anything you apply is just made up. but i do make up now and i have learnt to keep it confined to only one thing at first like i only used to use eye -pencils with just a lip balm and then slowly started looking for natural lip shades and then varieties of eye colour but natural again. you can start with highlighting one feature of you and then slowly learn to buildup. opt for brown eye makeup or bronze even instead of dark eye colours like black. since ur fair black will make it look that much distinct. i lrarely use black eye liners.i hope this helps….and imbb has really helped me a lot please go through their tutorial section and you will know better techniques of makeup

  5. my brother hates even if i apply vaseline on my lips..can you believe that…?but i found few lip colours which made him think its my natural colour…so its fine…the trick is to start slow and then try fitting each feature slowly…and together..

    1. oh dharu i can relate to u very much as everythg forms a layer on skin 🙁 Brown eye make up idea is so fab, i am definitely try it :*

  6. i had exactly the same problem last year and thanks to IMBB learnt a few tricks-

    Use a mousse as foundation – Loreal Matte Magique is fantastic
    Use a compact or loose powder over it – MAC skin mineralize compact is fab; Loreal mineral loose powder is equally wonderful
    for lipstick, try a pink to start with- looks quite pretty on fair skin. you can then mve on t the oranges and the mauves.:)
    blushes – like rati said cream blushes are good but it does need practice becos you dont want it OTT
    Eye pencils in green, navy blue work fabulously for your skin color
    If you are lucky and you dont have dark circles then concealer is not needed at all else a tone lighter than your skin tone concealer works well – i have really bad ones and MAC pro longwear works awesome.

    I have realized that setting makeup with loose powder is the best beauty advice I can give.

    (Btw, I am giving advice..who would have thought..all thanks to IMBB ofcourse)

  7. thank u thank u for foundation and loose powder suggestion aru, yeah thanks to IMBB otherwise i was a no makeup person before 🙂

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