How To Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner Everytime


Since you guys liked my highlight and contour tutorial last time, I thought I’d do a quick little perfect winged eyeliner tutorial for you. If you follow the steps and practice a bit you would get perfect winged eyelienr every single time.

Below is a self explanatory tutorial for you guys. Hope you give it a try. 🙂


Start with a clean base. With the end of you brush just take a rough idea of where you want your wing to be. The easier way is to follow the direction of your lower lash line.
Just draw a little flick at the end.
Make a little triangle.
Now draw a line on your upper lash line following the shape of your eye.
Now that you have a perfect frame of your winged eyeliner, all you have to do is just fill the gaps!
Tada! 🙂

If you mess up a bit, just dip a cotton bud in your eye makeup remover and fix it.
You can use a thin liner brush or an angled brush or even a twisted angled brush for your eyeliner.
You can also apply some eyeshadow just on top of the liner to make it super long lasting.
You can also draw your winged eyeliner on top of a pencil liner. I did a tutorial HERE

Liner used : MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

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11 thoughts on “How To Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner Everytime

    1. Hey Shikha..can’t wait to see your winged eyes on MG….

      The kind of wings I make, I wouldn’t even look into mirror after completing…forget about clicking….. hahahaha….

  1. I really wanna try this. I can never get proper wings. If its good on one side, the other side will betray me 🙁 Hopefully this method works out…thank u so much for posting this…

  2. Uff.. Rati!! You make it sound soooooooooo simple!! But we allll know the struggle!! 🙁 I had tried few times 2 weeks back and had given up.. this post of yours has rekindled the urge to try it again!! 😀 *rushing to get my gel liner* 😉

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