How to Get Plump and Fuller Lips with Cinnamon

By Soni Mishra

Hello Gorgeous gals!

Lately, we have seen the rage over plump lips like never before. Celebrities have been in news for surgically getting their lips plumped. If you are fascinated by plump and full lips, but do not want to go with painful injections or something permanent, this post can be of your help. There are few things which we can do to make our lips look fuller for few hours. These are just temporary enhancements and may last for 5-6 hours. But, you can go for it without the fear of damaging your lips.

homemade lip plumper

The main ingredient for making your lips plumper is lying in your kitchen all the time! Cinnamon!! If you have ever tried lip plumping glosses, the ingredient list is most likely to have cinnamon at the top. Cinnamon, our very own dalchini, has the property of inflaming the mucous membrane which results into the flash of blood drift. This enhanced blood flow results into swelling up of the lips, giving them fuller and rosier appearance.

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon12

Lip Plumping Scrub

This is my favourite method for lip enhancement, also it’s super easy and quick.

You Need:

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon1

• Honey
• Cinnamon stick
• Crusher for breaking cinnamon stick into small pieces.
• Lip brush


1. Take the cinnamon stick and crush it into pieces in a mortar pestle.

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon

2. Now, take the crushed cinnamon powder in a mixing bowl or tray.

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon3

3. Add few drops of honey to the crushed cinnamon powder.

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon2

4. Mix them together nicely using a lip filler brush.

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon4

5. Now, apply this mixture on your lips using fingers or lip brush. Leave it on lips for five minutes. You will feel slight tingling sensation on your lips. In case your lips are dry or flaky, this sensation may augment. Try not to exfoliate with cinnamon when lips are chapped.

6. After five minutes, start exfoliating your lips using finger in circular motion. Rub it for around two minutes.

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon5

7. Wipe it off using a tissue paper.

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon6

You will notice fuller and more pinkish lips. Thereafter, follow with your favourite lip balm to keep them moisturised. While applying cinnamon, there will be burning sensation in the starting, but it will fade after few seconds.

My lips are already slightly flabby, so just by using this scrub, they look quite plump and rosy. Here is how my lips look after the exfoliation with cinnamon and honey scrub:

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon7

How to Get Plump and Fuller with Cinnamon8

But, in case you need to make them look more plump than this, you can make a lip balm and apply it after this scrub. You read it right : make!

Lip Plumper Balm

You Need:
• Cinnamon Powder
• Vaseline or any lip balm in tub packaging

All you need to do is mix good amount of cinnamon powder with Vaseline and store it in some container and apply it whenever required. For this method, it’s better to buy cinnamon in powder form or powder it in blender as it should be in very fine form.

How to Get Plump and Fuller Lips with Cinnamon11

Lip Plumper Gloss

You Need:
• Transparent lip gloss
• Cinnamon oil

Just add 8-10 drops of cinnamon oil to your tube of gloss and mix well. You may apply it like normal gloss whenever you want to flaunt plumped up lips.

Lip Plumping Exercises

If you want to develop your lips fuller gradually, you may do some lip exercises to get more firm shape. Like any other body part exercise, this will too tone down the facial muscles giving it a fuller look naturally

Just whistle your favourite melody for five minutes everyday. This really helps in making the lips muscle stronger and fuller. Normally, folks who have this habit of whistling a lot have fuller lips, go notice! 😉

Side and Circular Motions
Just press your lips tightly together and move in right and left directions, holding for few seconds in each direction. Also, move both lips tight together in circular motion. This also helps in toning down the lip muscles.

Try smiling broadly keeping both lips closed together and hold the smile for few second. Now, make a kissing pose keeping both lips closed and hold the same for few seconds. Repeat it for 4-5 times everyday.

And lastly, kissing is the best exercise among all, so treat your man dotingly! 😉

If you feel your lips remain irritated for longer time, may be it does not suit you. Follow up with something to cool it down. Ice massage may help. Nothing of that happened to my lips, though.

Hope you enjoyed reading above post, do let me know if you would try these tricks and what are your tips in the comments below.

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