How to Get Professional Results from a Facial at Home


I love using facial kits to show some TLC to my skin. They are easy to use, don’t cost a bomb like salon facials and can be done for a quick boost of hydration and glow to the skin. However, we all have a complaint that while facial kits are convenient for on-the-go uses they do not deliver the results of a professional facial. Want to get amazing results from facial done by you? Read on for these cool tips which will surely give you the results you desire without spending big bucks.

Use two-step cleansing

Most of the time we use a makeup remover or a face wash to cleanse our skin. Your skin deserves more especially if you decide to treat it to a home facial. First cleanse it using a wet cotton and cleansing milk/oil. Then use a gentle foaming cleanser to remove the last bits of dirt and impurities. Tadaa! Your skin is ready for the next steps.

Use lukewarm water

Water at the right temperature makes a huge difference to your skin. While cleansing, use lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, you might break capillaries, and if it is too cold, your pores will close up.

Scrub it right

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Scrubbing away the dead cells is essential before applying any soothing gel or cream. Start scrubbing at the bottom of your face and move to the top for an anti-gravity lift. Make small circular motions and gently exfoliate skin. This increases blood flow and opens up pores for maximum cleansing. To rinse, splash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Massage with slight pressure

Massage the gel or cream with slight pressure. When you’re giving yourself a facial, be generous with the facial massage. Don’t apply excess pressure as it may damage your capillaries. Apply extra pressure at some points to enhance blood circulation and lymph drainage.

Apply steam

A big difference is caused by the application of steam. Apply it while massaging and let your skin soak in the potent ingredients of the rich cream. This way you will derive the nourishment and glow from massage. Another way to incorporate steam in your facial is instead of letting your mask harden and crack, hydrolyze it with passive steam. This keeps your pores open, allowing the mask to penetrate more deeply.

Boost your mask

If the mask is bought from the store, try boosting or spicing it up for amazing results. Use active ingredients which are at the peak of their potency and freshness. So add honey to a mask for dry skin, apple cider vinegar or cinnamon for acne and so on. This way your mask will not only have the primary or intended result but also give you additional benefits.

I hope you use these tips to make your facial at home a more effective process and achieve that salon-like radiance without splurging loads of money.

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