How to Get Rid of Pain Caused Due to High Heels

By Soni Mishra

Not all of us can carry high heels with ease. I am one of those people who face a hard time relishing high heels. I mostly prefer flats, but then there are some occasions when I cannot stop myself from going gaga over heels. High heels give that sexy appeal which we all totally adore. I wore my stilettoes last evening to a wedding reception and that kept me standing high for a stretched time. As a result, my feet became sore and ached badly after I came back. I know not everybody gets sore feet after wearing high heels, but for people like me, I have come up with few things which can be done to get relief from high heels’ after-effects.

How to Get Rid of Pain Caused Due to High Heels5

Soak Feet in Hot Water

How to Get Rid of Pain Caused Due to High Heels

My feet love this one as it feels so relaxing and soothing. I fill a tub or bucket with hot water and add some olive oil to the same. I soak my feet in the tub for 15-20 minutes. Epsom salt can be added to make them more comforting. The hot water helps with better blood circulation and relieves the soreness.

Foot Massage

How to Get Rid of Pain Caused Due to High Heels4

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This is best way of getting rid of aching heels only if you can manage well. After you soaked them in hot water, give them a simple massage using warm oil. I like to use mustard oil for this as my mom uses it since my childhood and it really helps. After applying oil, I simply massage them all over using circular motions.

There is another way of massaging them using a tennis ball. Yes, you heard right! Tennis balls are great for reducing the pain from feet. All you need to do is roll your feet over a tennis ball pressing over it. Do this for 5-10 minutes or till your feet feel better. And, believe me, they will!

Stretch or Yoga

There are some great yoga exercises which help in stretching and relaxing the feet muscles. These include Downward-facing dog, the Virasana-Hero Pose, and wall stretch. I do this if my feet get swollen due to high heels. This helps in blood circulation and reduces the swelling. The simplest of all is moving the toe finger and drawing imaginary alphabets. Downward-facing dog is a particularly effective position.

How to Get Rid of Pain Caused Due to High Heels2

Or, in bare feet, bend down and try to touch your toes. Your legs should be straight and you must be using your body weight as leverage. Slowly bend over and hold for five or ten seconds. Repeat three times. Another trick is to sit down, lifting a foot up from the floor and (stretching the leg up off the floor), point your toes and try to trace the alphabet in the air.

Ice Treatment

How to Get Rid of Pain Caused Due to High Heels3

My feet are prone to blisters if I wear heel for longer duration. In that case, I treat them with ice water for soothing the blisters and inflammation. I fill the tub with ice cubes and move my feet in circular motion within it. The moment helps in massaging them and calming the blisters.


How to Get Rid of Pain Caused Due to High Heels1

Lastly keep them moisture to reduce the roughness or flakiness which might enhance the pain. Foot moisturiser is best or any heavy moisturiser will do. In order to lock the moisture in for longer time, wear socks after applying the moisturiser. I keep them moisture overnight to wake up with soft and supple feet.

Do try these steps next time you get ‘heel hangover’ and trust me, your feet will be so grateful to you later on! 🙂

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  1. I soo love wearing high heels and have got quite used to it now. But, it still hurts a little each time. Thanks for the tips.

    1. With this summer heat going crazy… Go full body ice treatment… Aah even just the thought brings coolness!!

  2. Very very useful post dear 🙂 oh and btw, I love that skirt in the first pic super cute ♥ my love for polka dots is eternal 😀

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