How To Get Rid of Tan From Forehead and Hands: Ask IMBB

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Sayantani S. asks:

Hi Everyone,

I am from Kolkata and the weather here is very humid and I get tanned very easily, that too on my forehead and hands, it looks horrible if I put make up or foundation.  My complexion is not so fair, very kind of average and from next week, I am starting with swimming classes, where I get more tan.

I am studying this aviation thing and there tan is a big NO NO.

My question is:

1. How to remove the normal tan which was already there on me?
2. Tan which I am going to get after and during swimming, how shall I remove it?

I have attached a pic of mine.


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16 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Tan From Forehead and Hands: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Sayanti… Nice pic *haan ji*
    To remove tan naturally:
    Apply a mixture of Kacha doodh and turmeric
    Mixture of cucumber juice and lemon will also help
    So you can mix and match amongst these ingredients.
    As these are natural ingredients you can use them daily 🙂

    DO NOT step out with a sunscreen and re=-apply after every 2-3 hours

    For swimming ensure you have applied petroleum jelly before diving in the pool.
    Also exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week.

    Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Try these products.

    1. Aroma Magic Glossy Pack- Works well in tan removal.
    2. Mix saffron + Milk/ curd – excellent for tan removal.
    3. Kasturi Manjal pack on a daily basis.
    4. Lotus herbals detan face pack

  3. Kesar soaked in milk, wipe tanned areas thrice a day may be…use raw milk
    use it as a regular cleanser

    use besan+lemon drops+raw milk pack for 15 minutes daily! these work a 100%

    use grated potato once a week, it is a natural bleach! 🙂

  4. Hey Sayantani,

    Along with the above mentioned remedies, you can also use the Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscrteen before jumping in the pool. It will prevent the burning of skin and tanning while swimming. I have used it and have had a good experience. Also, opt for a closed swimming pool or else swim before 8 am or after 6 pm.
    Hope this helped!! *haan ji* *oye balle* *oye balle*

  5. curd/milk+besan/atta+lemon+pinch of haldi(preferably fresh haldi) works wonderfully
    apart from that CTM daily takes care of everyday tan 🙂

  6. apply facepack which suits your skin type
    If u have oily skin then Lemon mixed with multani mitti or wheat flour.
    If u have dry skin then Lemon mixed with mashed banana (rotten one works best so ignore the smell).

  7. If u have dry skin then lemon + honey + mashed banana (rotten one will work best so ignore its smell). or u can apply curd + lemon. ( its does not work well in my case)
    If u have oily skin then lemon + wheat flour + haldi
    make a paste apply it until it dries out.
    Regularly clean ur skin with paste and u will definitely find gud results.

  8. And another best option is mind it this option will be effective only if u follow it regularly.
    Mix all dals (green , yellow , black and chana) grind it in Mixi.
    Store it in a dry container place it in ur washroom.
    2wice in a week take out some mixture make it a paste either with milk, water, rose water, or any essential oil.. Rub all over ur body not face (as it is bit harsh for face) just like a scrub.
    It will remove tan + dead skin + naturally reduce hair growth.

    Have a Happy body *happydance*

  9. Take a plum tomato and cut into halves and rub it on your taned area. Do this daily after you come back from sun, dont use it before you go out. Do regularly. It worked wonder for me. But you have to be patient coz it takes time to show the effect. BUt it sure ly works.

    Take care

  10. best and easy way to remove tan is take some raw milk add drops of lemon in it…apply gentaly massage over tanned areas…it works verry efectively 😀 😀 🙂

  11. Soak white bread slices in little cold milk and after 3-4 minutes mashed them…Now add little yogurt and juice of a half lemon…..Mix the all ingredients like a smooth paste and apply on your skin….Leave it for 15-20 minutes and gently rub and wash off….It’s a best super easy method to remove tan…..

    Use the leftover bread( 1-2 days old one)…..

    Tomato pulp , red lentil powder/paste, raw potato pulp , besan+dahi, lemon juice are the natural DE-TAN AGENT

  12. Make a paste of tomato juice+few drops of lemon +Pinch of turmeric use it continuosly everyday for getting results.This really work and use this face pack only in night times not in morning 🙂 Morning you can apply a paste of besan + curd. Hope this will help u

  13. Hi Sayantani,

    I am also from Kolkata and no wonder, Kolkata’s recent weather is creating havoc for all the Kolkata-basi.
    I also suffer from tanning and have found the following three things very helpful:
    1. Using plain curd everybody as a face pack. Clean and tone your face, apply curd for 10-15mins, rinse it with water and then use a moisturiser.
    2. For hands, use a full sleeve shrug when u are outside. shrugs can be a style statement and also helps to cover your hand even if u wear sleeveless.
    3. Use sunscreen religiously. Never skip this part or else no matter how much you apply face pack, you will never achieve 100% of the desired result.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  14. *shy* Apply orange juice mixed with yogurt to cure suntan. Orange’s alpha hydroxyl acid, and vitamin C help in fading your suntan. Yogurt’s lactic acid lightens the tanned skin.

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