How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags with Makeup

By Smriti Prabhat

Hello everyone!

I’ve been writing quite a lot for IMBB recently and I’m beginning to get addicted to the fun, teehee! Under eye bags are something I don’t have to deal with, but my mother has them. So, I came across a technique which was quite basic in nature and then, I researched a bit more and found the absolute way to hide those pesky under eye bags. It doesn’t take more than 30 seconds once you get the hang of it. At this point, I should mention that mastering this art is quite difficult and I have only perfected it after 7-8 attempts.

Eye Bags

So, here goes and remember, follow the steps exactly –

STEP 1: Use a Powder Concealer

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags within 30 Seconds

You can choose to go for a liquid concealer that is illuminating, but I would personally advise against it. Go for it after you have perfected this technique. Until then, stick to powder concealer because it is a bit more forgiving. Also, with a powder concealer, you don’t have to worry about it setting properly and creasing at the end of the day.

STEP 2: Use a Small Concealer Brush

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags within 30 Seconds2

Since this job is extremely precise, you need to use an extremely small brush. I prefer an angled concealer brush for this with soft, natural bristles. Another great option is Tom Ford’s 03 Brush.

STEP 3: Apply Some Concealer On The Inner Corner

Start by concealing from the inner corner of your eye to the bridge of your nose, the point where the nose pads of glasses usually rest. Use a concealer that is at least two shades lighter than your skin tone.

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags within 30 Seconds1

STEP 4: Look Down And Notice The Shadow Under The Eye

This is the most important point! Look down when you are staring into the mirror and notice the shadow that forms under your eyes. It would be a really thin area, probably a millimeter or so.

STEP 5: Conceal The Shadow

Start from the bottom of the shadow and conceal it. Then, gradually cover it completely, carefully going under the bag. This bit is tricky because if you go over the shadow, you would end up drawing attention towards it. You have to be very careful that you conceal just the shadow and nothing above it. You can also go around the outer corner of your eyes and conceal the boundaries of the eye bags. Just don’t overdo it and have a steady hand. Now, look up and see if you can notice anything. Go over with the powder concealer if you feel like you need more coverage.

STEP 6: Use Mascara and Eyeshadow Close To Your Skin Colour

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags within 30 Seconds3

To complete this look, you need to take a few more steps to draw the attention away from the area. For this, use your mascara and give yourself some long and defined eye lashes. Next, choose an eyeshadow that is non-shimmery and largely matte and go over your eyes with it. I use a shadow that has a creamy consistency and is pretty close to the skin color above my eyes.

You have to apply your foundation before you follow these steps. This is why I recommended powder concealer. You can also fill in your brows using a pencil to make them appear softer. There are many natural remedies to get rid of puffiness and under eye bags naturally, but until you achieve that perfection, these steps should suffice.

That’s all! I hope this was something new to you. Have an amazing day, y’all.

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