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Hello IMBBians,

I am facing these problem from quite a some time, I have combination-oily skin and color of my forehead and nose is darker than my cheeks,I used himalaya neem face wash,fab india tea tree toner and lactocalamine for my CTM routine to keep oiliness at bay,Please give me any advice for these uneven skin tone?


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  1. hi,
    u can try home made face packs like chickpea flour+lemon+curd+pinch of turmeric in it 🙂
    also, u shud increase intake of vitamin C rich stuff, like citrus fruits, amla 🙂

  2. kojic acid is not to be used without consulting a dermatologist…
    please please…visit a doctor first!!!!
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  3. I’m stumped on the same problem too. :(( So can’t really help out here. :shame: But my friend uses chickpea flour+curd+lemon as a facepack and she says it worked for her. I heard one can also add turmeric to it. 🙂

    1. Dont try home made remedies, they are meant for maintenance. just dont waste time and meet a gooooooooooooooooood dermat. it will save your time and money both. if u try lots of things on ur face it may harm ur skin beyond repairs and then u will have to spend more money with dermat finaly. i m teling u this wid my personal experience. sorry for so much long reply

  4. Hi Ekta,

    Thanks for sharing these link,tomorrow i will prepare these potion and definitely try.
    btwn can i use these serum after my CTM routine?

  5. Long time ago (in my College Days) I was using Gram Flour+Besan+Turmeric on my face. ANd the results were veident then. The gram flour acted as a scrubber, the besan softened it up and the turmeric added a healthy glow.

  6. I made the vitamin c serum :jiggy1: :jiggy1: but i want to ask is it a must to use the moisturizer afterwards or can i skip that :idk:

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