How to Get the Perfect Beach Waves

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Hope you all are doing fine. I’m sure all of us love the beachy waves look. A lot of celebrities have tried this look; it looks great on each one of them. Not only it looks natural but it also adds a lot of volume to your hair. This hairstyle suits every face type and also makes your hair look fuller, healthy and also adds volume to your hair. Therefore today I’ll give you some tips so that even you can achieve this look.

How to Get the Perfect Beach Waves

1) Braid and wave

braid wavy hair

To achieve the perfect beach wavy hair, all you have to do is wash your hair and then towel dry your hair. Once your hair is 40-50% dried, you’ll have to make 4-6 sections of your hair and braid each section individually. After braiding your hair, leave it in braids for 4-5 hours or overnight.

After 4-5 hours you can choose to use a blow dryer on each braid individually so that they can look more defined or else you can just open the braids and finger comb your hair. Girls with wavy hair or curly hair would not require a blow dryer. You can also use a hairspray to set the look. This is the easiest way to get the perfect beach wavy hair look.

2) Twist for the waves

overnight beach waves

In the second method, you will have to wash your hair and let it semi dry. Once your hair is about 50% dried, you will have to make very small sections of your hair and twist/twirl them around and tie them into a bun or in a hairband. After 4-5 hours, you can undo the bun and set the hairstyle with a hairspray.

3) Use some heat

short hair beach waves

In the third method, you will need a curling wand and a blow dryer. Once you have washed your hair and blow dried it, you’ll have to make 8-10 small sections of your hair and curl each section individually starting from below your neck till the length of your hair. You can choose to curl all your hair or leave ½ the section of your hair straight. Once you’re done curling your hair, you can set your hair with the help of a hair spray.

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